XIII World Congress 2003
Education for Peace:
The Best Investment for Future Generations



XIII World Congress 2003

What values do we hold as sacred?

How can we use our inner knowledge and values to guide our educational system on a global level and create a collective paradigm based on values of intercultural understanding, justice, equality and inclusion at the formal and non-formal levels, in order to integrate the respect for human rights and the promotion of peace into mainstream education.










Alfredo Sfeir-Younis, Representative World Bank & World Trade Organisation, Geneva, Switzerland

Althea Gray, Honorary Consul of Sri Lanka in New Mexico, USA

Anna Vogt, Arts Teacher, Switzerland

Archbishop John Bereslavski, Russia

Bernard Gesch, University of Oxford, Great Britain

Chiara Tosi, Peace Educator, Verbania

Clara Serina, President, Centro Ricerche Evolutive dell'Essere, Milan

Claudia Sobrevila, Environmentalist at World Bank, Washington, USA

Dagmar Berkenberg, World Peace Prayer Society, Germany

Don Renato Sacco, National Councillor of Pax Christi, Verbania

Franco Ceccarelli, Economist

Gianluca Lisa, National board Member - Società Italiana di Ecologia,
Psichiatria e Salute Mentale; Presidentof the Sezione Liguria SIEPSM

Giuseppe Amadeo, Lawyer, President Catholic Jurist, Italy

Giuseppe Buscaglia, President IAEWP Sezione Ligure; Director of the
Accademia di Belle Arti "I. Duncan", Sanremo

Giuseppe Spinetti, International President - WPA Section "Ecology, Psychiatry & Mental Health" - National President - Società Italiana di Ecologia,
Psichiatria e Salute Mentale

Janet Wu, Wellness Selfcare Center, California, U.S.A.

Josemaria Arocena, NgalSo Peace Educator

Konstantin Pavlidis, Great Britain

Lama Gangchen, National Chancellor, IAEWP, Italy

Lama Michel, Brazil

Lana Yang, IAEWP Chancellor of the State of Pennsylvania, USA

Lelia O'Connor, Ngal So Consulting Group, New York, USA

Lhundup Dorjee Lama, National Chancellor Vice President & Incharge International Association of Educators For Int’l Relation, Religion & Sports, Nepal

Luciano Zambotti, Specialised in Natural Medicines, Italy

Marco Columbro, International Peace Educator

Maria Rosa Bersanetti

Marie José Manidi, Psychologist, Switzerland

Michele Schiavone, Professor in Bio-ethics, University of Genova;
Member of the Consulta Nazionale di Bioetica; National Board Member -
Società Italiana di Ecologia, Psichiatria e Salute Mentale

Michele Zanetti, United World Colleges, Italy

Nina Meyerhof, Children of the Earth, United Nations NGO, USA

Prof Brunetto Salvarani, local Minister for Culture, Carpi

Prof Bruno Ficili, Association for Peace Education, Italy

Prof Bruno Segre, President, Italian Association “Amici di Nevé Shalom/
Wahat al-Salam”

Prof Charles Mercieca, President IAEWP, USA

Prof Dalil Boubakeur, Paris, France 

Prof P.R. Trivedi, Indian Institute of Ecology and Environment

Prof Surya Nath Prasad, Vice-president IAEWP, India, Unesco Representative

Professor Luigi Zanzi, University of Pavia, Vice President, Int. Association
for the History of the Alps, Italy

Rahul Rai, Indian Institute for Human Rights, New Delhi, India

Rosella Ciliberti, Secretary of the Sezione Liguria Società Italiana di Ecologia, Psichiatria e Salute Mentale

Ruedi Schneider, Pace Educator, Switzerland

Silvia Magistrini, Local Minister for Education and Culture, Verbania

Simona Laura, Coordinator for Accademia di Medicina Estetica - Liguria

Simone Ramounoulou, São Paulo, Brazil

Tom Wu, Wellness Selfcare Center, California, U.S.A.

United Peace Voices

Valeria Micotti, Peace Educator, Local Youth Council, Verbania

Ven. Dari Wu Hsi Ming, National Chancellor of IAEWP, Taiwan

A message of Dragi Zmijanac - Executive Director and the whole team
of the FCEW Megjashi

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