XIII World Congress 2003
Education for Peace:
The Best Investment for Future Generations


Rosagemma Ciliberti - Italy








Born in Genova on the 4.10.1961 where she resides

(1985) Graduated with honors in jurisprudence from the University of Genova (110/110)

(1997) Lawyer’s articles
(1999) University researcher, Faculty of Medicine and Chirurgia.

(2001) Specialisation in forensic psychology

Ecology, quality of life and mental health:
the bioethical dimension

Present abilities to manipulate nature, the living being, the human body, and many aspects of man’s quality of life, such as the environment, social behavior, etc., have deeply altered the traditional relationship of man with nature.

Human health, well-being and quality of life in general, are conditions strictly connected to technological and scientific development as well as to the attainment of a more balanced relationship with the environment.

What seems to be emerging most evidently is no so much the delay between scientific innovation and social response, but rather the difficulty in establishing a harmonious relationship between techno-scientific evolution and social response (here meant as active and critical participation and evaluation of such a process).

The speed of scientific and technological development in the last decades seems to impede man’s critical judgment in the face of such vast quantities of constantly new information, knowledge and developments.

The continuous flow of innovation in the field of biological technologies is increasing the division more and more with the experimental human cognition necessary to maintain a balanced relationship between our body and our environment. This calls not merely for more control to assure a responsible technological evolution, but even more so, for a new wider paradigm, which includes science, technology and the collective, to place them into dialogue.

The San Marino Declaration, which was approved by the National Board of Directors of the Italian Society of Ecology, Psychiatry and Mental Health, together with the Executive Committee of its WPA section, proposes to promote preventative instruments to detect environmentally related mental disturbances, as well as develop new instruments to promote a better quality of life.

That which science proposes calls for a collectively shared responsibility in the identification of new criteria, in order to chose the correct direction for future scientific developments, to marry scientific progress and technology with human values, and thus allow for a full affirmation of freedom against any abuse, injustice or danger.