XIII World Congress 2003
Education for Peace:
The Best Investment for Future Generations


Ven. Dari Wu Hsi Ming - Taiwan








  • President, Buddha Heart World Headquarters

  • Native of Taiwan, born in 1952

  • L.L.M., Top Graduate, Research Institute of Political Science, National Taiwan University

  • Doctor, Medical Science(Munich, Germany) and Philosophy(London, England), Prof., Representative of Taiwan, Chairman of Taiwan Board, Open International University for Complementary Medicines, United Nations

  • Guest Professor and Dean of various international universities

  • National Chancellor of Taiwan, Executive Board Member, International Association of Educators for World Peace, UN NGO

  • Representative of Taiwan, Lama Gangchen World Peace Foundation, UN NGO

  • Vice Chairman, Martial Art Association of Taiwan R.O.C.

  • 31th Generation of Shaolin Temple(China), named Shakya De Ming

  • Commended as Outstanding Youth

  • International Qigong Celebrity Award

  • Japanese crowned as the World's No.1 Man of Supernatural Power

  • Accorded title of Pandit Internationally

  • India crowned as Jagda Guru

  • Tibet accorded title of Lama Healer

  • Founder & Chair Delegation of the First International Qigong Academic Exchange, 1988 Singapore

  • Chair Delegation of Second, Third and Fourth International Qigong Academic Exchange, Xian, Kyoto, Vancouver

  • Chair Delegation of 36th International Alternative Medicines Conference,1998, Colombo

  • Executing Chair, Chair Delegation of First International Qigong and  Supernatural Powers Science Exchange, 1989, Taipei

  • Honorary Chairman, First International Ch'an Conference, 1992, Tienchin, China

  • Deputy Director, International Qigong Science Union

  • Vajracharya Master, Vajrayana Buddhist Institute, Boston, USA

  • Senior Lecturer, Japan Education Association

  • Professor, Holistic Medicine International Institute, India

  • Professor, Australia China Academy

  • Committeeman, Tibetan Gangchen Temple Preparatory Committee

  • Honorable President, Association of Hong Kong Practitioners of Chinese Medicine

  • Professor, International Sichuan Qigong University, China