XIII World Congress 2003
Education for Peace:
The Best Investment for Future Generations


Giuseppe  Buscaglia - Italy








  • Graduated in Philosophical Literature from the University of Genova.

  • Director of the “G..Galilei” United Institutes, Arma di Taggia (IM), Italy

  • Director of the Arts Academy, San Remo

  • Provincial Vice President of the International Federation of Human Rights

  • Provincial President of the National Association against Tumors (ANT)

  • President of the Ligure section of the International Association of Educators for World Peace

  • Founding Member of Cygnus, San Remo

  • Professor of philosophy, anthropology and literature

  • Author of numerous articles specialized in the field of socio-philosophy



The Report will start from a consideration on the universally shared idea of culture as it has been thought by the English sociologist E. Burnett Taylor in order to explain the relative and complementary meanings of cultural mono-identity and poly-identity able to lead to a modern intercultural and trans-cultural perspective.

We live nowadays in a “multiracial global village” where the intolerance toward what is different is not only anachronistic but also contrary to any logic of development. It is then unbreakable the need to build a universal culture of peace and freedom, condition and expression both of respect for the “different” and of a sustainable development and better quality of life.

He will then point out (very briefly), with important references going from the historic-philosophic to the anthropologic-social points of view, those common values of different cultures, either the universal ones belonging to a trans-cultural dimension representing in any case the base on which to build a common “metaphysics of behaviors”, able to be, in the end, an efficient synthesis of ecology, quality of life and mental health.

The whole report will be based on the incapacity of renouncing to this trinomial and on his being “conditio sine qua non” of a holistic vision of human beings.