XIII World Congress 2003
Education for Peace:
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Don Renato Sacco - Italy








Don Renato Sacco, has been a priest in the diocese of Novara for nearly 24 years.

He is the Church Minister in Cesara (VB) as well as a few other small comunities on the shores of Lago d’Orta.

He took part in the Sarajevo 500 March in 1992, together with Don Tonino Bello and many otehr friends.

He has been to Sarajevo several times, in Mostar and in Kosovo before the bombings, as well as Belgrade during the 1999 bombings.

In May 2002, he went to Palestine with a Pax Christi delegation. He is the National Councillor for Pax Christi.

He has been to Iraq three times: in 1998, in 200 and recently from the 1st to the 10th of December 2002, when he had the opportunity to do video record some interviews of people living in Bagdad, Mosul and Bassora.

Pictured with the Bishop of Bassora in Iraq

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