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Laura Simona - Italy








Laura Simona was born in Bordighera on the 01/02/1967 

She lives in Via Braie, 260 – Camporosso mare (Im)


Aknowledgements and Studies:

  • Graduated with full marks in Medicine and Surgery at Genova University in 1992

  • Qualification to professional work obtained in 1992 will full marks.

  • Enrolled in the Register of Surgeons in the Province of Imperia in 1992

  • Qualification as Clinical Monitor at the Medical Institute Domani – Genova 1993

  • Specialization studies in Aesthetic medicine (four year course) at the end of which she has passed an exam in Rome in 1997, mark: 110, at the International Foundation Fatebenefratelli.

  • Specialization course in Aesthetic Medicine at Pavia University 1998

  • Master in Aesthetic Homeopathic Medicine – Genova 1998

  • Specialization course (master: permanent training in Aesthetic Medicine) Rome 1998-1999-2000-2001-2002

  • Enrolled at the Italian Society of Aesthetic Medicine since 1998

  • Regional Coordinator in Liguria Region for the Italian Academy of Aesthetic Medicine (Italian Society of Aesthetic Medicine) since 2000.


Participation to national and international congresses:

  • National Congress of Plastic Surgery in reconstruction – Genova 1992

  • Seminars of Plastic Surgery in reconstruction – Santa Margherita Ligure 1993

  • National Congress of Aesthetic Medicine – Rome 1994

  • National Congress of Aesthetic Medicine – Rome 1995 

  • National Congress of Aesthetic Medicine – Rome 1996 

  • National Congress of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery – Rome 1997

  • National Congress of Aesthetic Dermathology – Roccaraso 1997

  • National Congress of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery – Rome 1998 

  • National Congress of Aesthetic Medicine – Rome 1999

  • National Congress of Aesthetic Medicine – Rome 2000

  • World Congress of Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery- Montecarlo 2000

  • National Congress of Aesthetic Medicine – Rome 2001

  • National Congress of Dermatology Cosmethology – Saint Vincent (AO) 2001 

  • National Congress of Aesthetic Medicine – Rome 2002

  • National Congress of Dermatology Cosmetology – Saint Vincent (AO) 2002



Clinical Monitor in multi-centric (studies of phase 3) in 1993

Medical employment at I.N.P.S. in 1993

Doctor for Continuous Assistance and Sanitary Emergency at U.S.L. n 1 at Imperia from 1993 until 1999

Activity of doctors replacement as Family Doctor until 1998


Today’s activities:

Free lance in Aesthetic Medicine (private studio) – VALLECROSIA- (IM)

She works in cooperation with:

Mag Medica Imperia . Dr. G: BELTRAMO- Director

Mag Medica Sanremo – Dr. G. BELTRAMO, S. MANCUSO – Direstors

Surgery of Aesthetic Medicine in Milan – Prof. C.A. BARTOLETTI - Director 




by Carlo Alberti Bartoletti & Simona Laura


Since many years there is the certain consciousness that man is healthy when he or she is in harmony with the different stages of life, with his or her physical and mental state, and if his or her social and environmental condition is in harmony with the philosophical idea of a complete man, whose totality has to be promoted, defended and exploited.

Aesthetic medicine expresses this need by putting together the two principles  which explain its name: medicine and aesthetic, for a precise program of physical and social well-being. The increased need for quality of life doesn’t allow any more to ignore the higher and higher interest given to the physical aspect, to psychological balance, to social presentability, to environmental harmony. Psychological satisfaction, social weight and the importance of having a pleasant aspect are very strong.

To live well, nowadays, you need to feel “in good form”, at any age; medicine is more and more solicited by persons asking to feel better with themselves, to make their aspect nicer, to improve their balance, their harmony, for a search of personal security, for a professional need, for a spiritual need.

To attain the best result, you will need the cooperation of many different disciplines availing themselves of all the scientific knowledge (such as biochemistry, physiology, pathology…), of the acquisitions of general medicine and surgery and of some of their specializations (such as internal medicine, endocrinology, dietology, psychiatry and psychotherapy, dermatology, angiology, physiatrics, plastic surgery…) and of the help of many human disciplines (such as anthropology, philosophy, psychology, sociology…).

Aesthetic medicine is then the new medical discipline which has obtained, in the last twenty years, its own scientific shape and the task of social medicine following the continuous demands of the collectivity.

It mainly deals with the construction or reconstruction of the psycho-physical balance of those who live uncomfortably because of an aesthetic defect that they have never accepted.

It’s a medicine for the quality of life.

The beauty, as expression of health and “feeling well in one’s own body” at any age, are ideas tied to a new sociological need.

Aesthetic medicine puts into reality what the World Organization for Health recommends: “health not as the absence of illness, but as psycho-physical well-being”.

Aesthetic Medicine was born in France, as scientific movement in 1973, following an idea of J.J.Legrand, endocrinologist from Paris. In Italy it was born in 1975, with the foundation, by C.A. Bartoletti, doctor for elderly people in Rome, of the Italian Society of Aesthetic Medicine (SIME). Nowadays there are 15 National Societies of Aesthetic Medicine in other countries, in Europe and outside Europe, being part of the International Union of Aesthetic Medicine (UIME) with seat in Paris.

In Italy today there are realities operating in this way, and with these preliminaries and olistic visions, introduced in sanitary private and public structures, such as the Surgeries of Aesthetic Medicine at the Ospedale Generale S.Giovanni Calibita in the Tiberina island in Rome, in Milan, in Castrocaro, in Catanzaro, directed by Prof. C.A.Bartoletti, president of UIME – International Union of Aesthetic Medicine.