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Luigi Zanzi - Italy


Luigi Zanzi was born in Varese on the 20th of September 1938, he completed his studies in Varese (Classical high school) and in a College in Pavia, graduated in Law in 1960. He works as a lawyer, mainly in civil matters. He teaches Theory of history since 1973 at the University of Literature and Philosophy in Genova and since 1987 at the University of Literature and Philosophy in Pavia. His political engagement has been steady since 1964, with Altiero Spinelli, with the European Movement, whose Central Committee he has been a member for a long time. Today he is assessor at the Economic Program at Varese Municipality as an indipendent. He is counsellor representing Pavia University at the Center of Scientific Culture “Alessandro Volta”. He has been one of the founders, then President and today Counsellor of the Institute “Ludovico Geymonat”. He is vice-president of the International Association for the history of the Alps, with its seat in Lucern.


The field of research of Luigi Zanzi can be divided in different parts:

a) a methodological and epistemological part in which he has made researches on the historiographical working and on the different moments of history of the historical thought, from the XVI to the XX century; 

b) a part dealing with the history of alpine civilization, particularly with researches about alpine pastures high in the Central Alps (he has also made, in this field, researches on the history of migrations in a mountain environment);

c) a part dealing with the history of nature, in which he has made works about the history of “locally” natural evolution, addressing in particular to the world of forests and mainly of alpine forests;

d) a part of historical cosmology in which, in 1994, he has made researches on the epistemological aspects of the cosmological history of the universe, together with Ilya Prigogine.

Rethinking Medical Science in the Light of Darwinism and
Eco-history in the context of a pluralistic approach to the culture of health

Often, in the various considerations regarding alternative medicine ant its myriad of therapeutic methods, the point of reference for all comparisons is the so called “medical science”. However, this scientific medicine only very rarely includes the results of eco-historical research.

The thesis of this exposition is that we need a critical review of the historical development of the medical science from the “local” perspective. Such a research would follow the tortuous ways by which the different therapeutic traditions have developed in different natural-environmental contexts, coming as response to the different types of ills and diseases that men and women were confronted to in their specific habitat.

This approach allows a historical comparison between the different medical traditions in their different environments.
This corresponds to the proposal of understanding the evolution of the medical practices in the light of eco-history – a Darwinian point of view.

Thanks to this, what we hope will emerge most clearly is the profound signification of the specific natural environment for the shaping of the knowledge and habits of different cultural groups.
From this perspective, whether or not a medical system (including the modern so called “medical science”) is successful in “Realising peace with the environment” is thus a fundamental criterion to evaluate its adequateness.