Integrated TRADITIONAL Medicines
Peace Education for Better Health
Towards an integrated world health system, on the physical, mental and spiritual levels





Over these past few years, the Municipality of Verbania has been very active as an educational city - engaging in the promotion of peace and responsible citizenship, instituting the Municipal Youth Council as a laboratory for democratic participation in city life and the promotion of peace education in all of its aspects.
The Municipality of Verbania supports in various ways (from hosting concerts to holding artistic events), the meeting with other cultures, listening to youth and stimulating the growth of their active and conscious participation through peer education, participating in and promoting peace forums – thus, the city nurtures the hope of contributing towards the building of a world of solidarity and justice, able to foresee the future by seeing itself in others.


The Lama Gangchen World Peace Foundation is actively committed to the development of a culture of peace and better living for world peace by cooperating in the humanitarian fields of health, education, the environment, spirituality and the preservation of indigenous cultures; engaged in voluntary service in support of the United Nations programmes, devoted to helping developing countries towards self-sustainability, as well as supporting the revitalisation
of rural and alpine cultures.
In the field of health, for the development of Better Health, the Foundation promotes important annual congresses in Spain, Nepal, Mongolia, China, India, Italia, Taiwan, to create a forum of exchange between scientists, physicians, therapists and teachers, towards a world health system which is more educated and integrated, both on the physical, mental and spiritual levels.

ALMA ATA and Open University for Complementary Medicines

"Medicina Alternativa"is an international organisation created under the auspices of the World Health Organisation – WHO and Unicef, recognised by way of the Alma Ata decree of 1962.
In 1962 the WHO and Unicef sponsored an international conference at the University of Khazakista, in Alma Ata in the Soviet Union, which resulted in the “Alma Ata Declaration”: a global strategy for public health and preventative medicine, that requires the commitment of all available curative methods, both orthodox and traditional: “Health for All by the Year 2000”.


The aims of "Medicina Alternativa" are the following:

a) Promote the study of scientific development and the professional practice of medicina alternativa (also known as (complementary or integrated Medicine) both through research and a high level of competence, behaviour, instruction and medical qualification.

b) Promote the spreading of medicina alternativa through meetings, conferences, seminars, workshops, reportage, debates, publications and professional contacts both at national and international levels.

c) Increase public interest through medicina alternativa and all other practical auxiliary disciplines in this sector.
This mandate was conferred to the Senate of the "Open University for Complementary Medicines" by "Medicina Alternativa” , a university founded by Prof. Anton Jayasuriya, to this day acting President.


The International Association of Educators for World Peace acts through education, to protect the environment from air and water pollution, and to help implement the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. A Non Governmental Organisation Affiliated to the United Nations since 1973 – ECOSOC and UNESCO, in 1990, it became offically linked with Unicef and UNCED. Presently, the IAEWP has chapters in over 100 countries. In 1987, the United Nations Secretary General Javier Perez de Cuellar, designated the IAEWP " World Peace Messenger", in riecognition for its significant contribution to the programme and objectives of the 1986 International Year of Peace.