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Sunny Kuo - USA

Lama Gangchen World Peace Media

Under the inspiring guidance of Lama Gangchen and the generous sponsorship of my best friend in high school Mr Felix Chen, I am fortunate to participate in the peace media projects with a series of art production. In the last two years, the following DVDs have been made:

Pilgrimage to Holy Land
Dharma and Heritage
World Congress 2003
Life as a Clear Light
Buddha’s Relics in Brazil
Lama Gangchen’s Vision of World Peace

These productions capture not only the valuable teachings by Lama Gangchen in different parts of the world but more significantly, his philosophical vision and actions in promoting world peace. As Lama Gangchen’s work involves a wide spectrum of activities crossing different continents in the past two decades, therefore, the numerous documentaries will have to be arranged in due course. It is my honour to be appointed to fulfill this important task; and it is my pleasure today to formally announce the establishment of Lama Gangchen World Peace Media”, once again following the great guidance of Lama Gangchen with generous support by Mr Felix Chen.

This organization will continue to promote the vision of Lama Gangchen to achieve world peace as well as to recollect his past contributions in a more systematic way. It is our plan to start with the release of the above-mentioned DVDs from the second half of the year through multiple channels. Furthermore, we will build global websites in coordination with associated multi-media organizations as an effective means to disseminate the blessings from the teachings of Lama Gangchen.

Our entire team feels that we are so fortunate to participate in setting up the long expected “Lama Gangchen World Peace Media”. We believe under his great leadership, we will be able to build a new dynamic team in the world of media. It is our goal to work together with the related groups with concerted efforts in order to make our utmost contributions to our master and to world peace.

I would like to end my speech with the quotation of Lama Gangchen:

Inner Peace is the most Solid Foundation for World Peace
Inner Peace, World Peace, Now and Forever
By the Power of the Truth
By all Human Being’s Attention
By all Holy Being’s Blessing

Let me pray that world peace will be disseminated to every corner
of the world.