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Dr. Serafina Corsello - USA

Serafina Corsello, MD, FACAM (Fellow of the American College of Advancement in Medicine) is the founder of the Corsello Centers for Integrative Medicine in Manhattan and Huntington, New York. Currently she is the Executive Director of the Wellness Medical Center in Manhattan and devotes a good part of her time to teaching here and abroad.

She is an internationally respected clinician, lecturer and the initiator and the cofounder of the Foundation for the Advancement of Innovative Medicine (FAIM). Dr. Corsello was one of the 25 physicians who, in 1992, participated in the formation of the Office of Alternative Medicine within the National Institute of Health.


September 2001 to Present - Executive Director of the Wellness Medical center

1981 to September 2001 - Executive Director, Corsello Centers For Complementary Alternative Medicine

Director of Programs of the Complementary Alternative Medicine Department

1970 to 1981 - Private Practice - Psychiatry.

1970 to 1984 - Attending Physician, Manhattan Hospital, Manhattan, NY

1971 to 1973 - Psychiatric Consultant Melville House, Melville, N.Y.

1971 to 1973 - Clinical Director Pederson-Krag Mental Health Center, Manhattan,
New York

1970 to 1973 - Consulting Psychiatrist, Sagamore Children's Center, Manhattan, New York.

1971 to 1972 - Consultant, Pulmonary Department Veterans Administration Hospital Northport, New York.


April 2000 to Present - Board Certified, Advanced Longevity Medicine

April 1987 to Present - Board Certified in Chelation Therapy

July 1991 - Appointed Fellow American College for the Advancement of Medicine

July 1983 - Certified in Orthomolecular Medicine by The Huxley Institute.

The purpose of this presentation is to show how conventional western medicine is relevant in acute traumatic events, while chronic ailments are best dealt in the context of a new paradigm: that of INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE.

In this paradigm one utilizes both Eastern and Western approaches to the benefit of the patient One example of integrative medicine would be the utilization of CAT scan or MRI to unravel subtle structural dysfunction's and then utilize various forms of non toxic non invasive modalities, to treat the patient.

This approach can also be called "third wave medicine "after Toffler's concept.

In this medical philosophy the therapeutic approach is based on life style modifications and the reliance on non invasive non toxic protocols such as phytotherapy, acupuncture, homeopathy and other forms of energy medicine.

The field in which integrative medicine is most pertinent is that of chronic conditions. The exponential increase of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases constitutes a universal social and economical burden and they are best dealt by non-conventional diagnostic evaluations such as the tongue and pulse diagnosis and the old clinician intuitive overall appraisal of the patient's demeanor and appearance. These low cost modalities can be combined with sophisticated functional biochemical studies such as amino acids and essential fatty acids screening to arrive at the best cellular remedial approach. This is the basis of ORTHOMOLECULAR MEDICINE in which one supplies to the bodies those nutrients that bring the physiological machinery back in balance and facilitate healing.

To illustrate this concept we will report the case of a young woman plagued for more than half her life by psychotic behavior who is on her way to healing.

Integrative Medicine represents the marriage between the best Eastern and Western medicine to meet the demand of 21st century for a global interaction of the most viable medical methodologies.

In this new paradigm, energy medicine assumes the guiding role in the three pronged template: energetic, biochemical, biophysical as described in The Ageless Woman Book.