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Dr. Samorindo Peci - Italy


Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine - Specialised in Homeopathy and Naturopathy

President of the Italian Sindacate of Heilpraktikers and Naturopathic

Therapists Vicepresidente of the Ancient and Modern School of Salerno

Dr Peci was born Colonnella (Teramo) on june 14th 1961. He developed an early interest in natural medicine; this lead him to train and graduate as a Heilpraktiker, a German title that roughly corresponds to the Italian title of a Naturopathic Healer. As he has always been interested in electro-medical machines basing on natural principles, he invented several devices, among which the particularly unique and revolutionary EBF: working without electricity, it tunes in on the vibrations of the organism and modulates them.

Passing constantly from theory to practice, he gradually develops his learning and obtains an U.S. american degree in Naturopathic Medicine. His interest for the ancient medical traditions lead him to make a contribution in the rebirth of the Centro Studi Antica e Nuova Scuola Salernitana. Today, he is the Vice president of this institution, while Prof. Mobilio from Napoli is its president.

In the years between 1998 and 2000, he founded the Italian Syndicate of Heilpraktikers and Naturopathic Therapists, the first syndicate in this area that has been affiliated to a great national syndicate such as the CISAL. The goal of this organisation is to promote and to tutor the profession of the naturopathic healer on the levels of central and regional legislations according to the European model.

Last year, under his leadership, the S.I.H.eN.- CISAL organized two world congresses on cancer and degenerative diseases. On this occasion, some of the most famous research scientists in this field have come to Italy. As a great divulgator, he holds courses and conferences on the topic of natural medicine in Italy and abroad. He is particularly appreciated for his simple and spontaneous dialectics, that always touch the heart of people.

He is the rector of the Università Popolare di Scienze Umane, an institution that has been accredited by the Italian Ministry of Education by way of the CNUPI. This year, the University has launched the first three year course to become Operatore Sanitario Naturopata, the only course of this kind in Italy that offers a series of possibilities to be recognised by the Italian state universities.

Dr. Peci is an expert in Dr. Hamer’s New Medicine, the effectiveness of which he experienced on himself and on hundreds of patients. He offers consulting to assess the biological conflicts that are at the basis of all diseases, particularly of cancer and degenerative pathologies.

“Biological Medicine, the Crucial Link to an Integrated Medicine”

Abstract: To Biological Medicine, the brain is the central instance that steers illnesses and diseases through their phases of growth, of full manifestation and of resolution. Recognising what phase a certain disease is in can be done by a simple brain scan (TAC).

When we are experiencing a conflict, it manifest contemporarily on the levels of the brain, the mind and the organs; then, it follows precisely established patterns that the doctor can explain to the patient, so that he is prepared to everything that will happen to him. In this way, even the worst diseases, can be lived in the certitude that our body is not working against us, but rather, that it is using its best strategies to allow us to continue to live. Whether the problem is then cured with allopathic medicine or alternative medicine does not matter: the main point is that each therapeutic step is taken at the right moment.