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Dr. Noti Vincelli - Italy

Noti (Antonietta) Vincelli was born in Larino, Molise, in 1949. She graduated in Philosophy from the Catholic University in Milan, Italy, and specialized in Psychology with Franco Fornari, at the “Università degli Studi”.

She is a student of Luigi Pagliarani and Diego Napolitani, and she is both a psycho-therapist and a socio-analyst.

Her meeting with Lama Gangchen at Assisi in 1986, brought her to learning about the healing systems according to Mahayana Buddhist philosophy, and more particularly to the use of the Mandala, a study she deepened also through teachings received by Geshe Jampa Lodrum.



In 1995, she wrote “Storia d’amore e di guarigione” (Story of love and healing), a practical application of the Tantric Self-Healing practice by Lama Gangchen, using the fairytale and drawings to illustrate this healing method.

Her book[?] ‘I giardini di Anteros’ (The Anteros Gardens), published in 2002, is the account of her field research in the application of criteria taken from Lama Gangchen’s teachings on making peace with the environment.

‘L’uscita dalla schizofrenia’ (Overcoming Schizophrenia [?]) is the story of the re-elaboration of her own story, of her father-mother mandala. This book represents the positive re-composition of the author’s mandala, together with some of the stories and mandalas of her patients.

Bridging various times and spaces, this work was created with the help of Dr. Beatrice Gatteschi, a physician and music expert from Genoa (Italy) – as sound is what helps re-compose language when one goes through the many languages of one’s past and of one’s ascendancy.

In order to assess the writing frequencies, all patients who participated in the author’s study were exposed during one year to various synergetic experiences, so as to give a clear picture and become a new experience, a new behaviour memory.

Bach Flowers were used, forming again and again mandalas which allowed for new ways of self-expression.

Pharmacological therapy (Homo-toxicology, in accordance with Voll’s test) was used in order to favour the elimination of parasitary aggregates which defined the resistance to change.

The result of the experiments are a series of drawings and stories that link with the past, from the tradition of one’s own roots, stories of old villages and contemporary villages, moving gradually towards a kind of globalisation where young people are more socially active, and become “peace warriors”, even though they themselves may not even be aware of it.

May the precious, happy and healthy peaceful mind, which is not yet born, be born, arise and grow.

May that which is already born, not degenerate and grow for ever more.

The book is dedicated to the memory of Bianca Armellini, with whom the project was conceived and who carried out the research on Mediterranean deities – the archetypes of Western memory.