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Konstantin Pavlidis - Greece


Name: Konstantin Pavlidis
Address: 584 Commercial Road, London E14 7JD, UK
Phone: +44/(0)20/77790 9971 +44/07956/199 169
Nationality: Greek/Australian



Institute of Education :
Sydney University, NSW, Australia
Bachelor of education in Science


Gained Diplomas in:

- Therapeutic Massage & Sports Injuries
- Zen Shiatsu
- Traditional Japanese Therapies
- Oki Yoga Teacher
- Yoga Teacher Training

Registered with:

- Scientific and Medical Network
- British Shiatsu Register
- Association of Therapeutic Healers
- Confederation of Healing Organisation


Began learning therapy and healing from a young age via an inherited family tradition (Eastern Christian lineage). Studied and practised various movement forms including Dance, Martial and Internal arts, Yoga and athletics. Had also learned and practised various therapeutic techniques in combination with the healing practises to develop a therapy system (Kinesomasis) which focuses on energy and structural rebalancing. Studied an education degree in Science with a major in bio-mechanical and energetic analysis of human movement. This led to the development of the Movement Mastery System a multidisciniplary integration of universel principles of movement applied to human studies.

Travelled to over 40 countries in 5 continents over the past 16 years to explore and research all forms of human learning systems through movement. The intention was to integrate this knowledge and experience to formulate a more wholistic approach to the process of self-knowledge and realisation. Transfromational Morphology was born out of this journey.

Movement and Healing Research

Movement and Healing Research is based on a fundamental concept; the exploration of all aspects of human functioning- mental, emotional, physical and spiritual, and how these may be integrated through a multidisciplinary approach.

This includes the study and practice of Meditation, the Internal Arts (energy development), the Martial arts, Yoga, Human Biomechanics (including anatomy & physiology), Bio-Feedback using various mechanisms, Classical Movement including principles of dance and connecting all of these disciplines to Universal Principles of Movement.

The healing practices involve the incorporation of a number of different therapies some of which are: Acupuncture, Shiatsu, Osteopathy, Deep Tissue Therapy, Energy and Structural Rebalancing, Herbal Medicine from various far eastern traditions, and Therapeutic Analysis and Counselling.

Prospective clients or students undergo a preliminary interview involving a familiarisation process including aims, objectives, expectations of the client toward the work, and finally a diagnosis of their current overall health condition.

According to the findings of this orientation process, a programme is then designed specifically to suit the needs of the individual at that point in their lives.

Their development is monitored and progress is made based on their own willingness and readiness. This approach follows the principle of Natural Law.

The idea is to offer as holistic an approach to the understanding of the client as is possible, whether they are a patient or a student, both of themselves and their lives.

This is done through private or group classes and private therapy sessions.

There are also seminars, workshops and courses offered where individuals can begin a study which could lead to becoming a practitioner or teacher of this work.

The above activities are conducted by a team of people who are qualified in their respective fields. The courses mentioned are taught by founding members and it is intended that apprentices be accepted in order to train individuals toward becoming teachers/practitioners themselves.

This approach to therapy, healing and self-development could be used as a model in communities and society at large with a view to offering a more harmonious and collaborative foundation in the development of our modern world.