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Lucio Gallo - Italy

Lucio Gallo was born in Milan on may 22 in 1973. He is a Musical therapist and Composer.

After graduating from high school, he studied musical therapy at C.E.M.B, Milan, and obtained his degree with the highest possible score.

Subsequently, he followed other -courses to specialise in the interdisciplinary field between musical therapy, psycho-therapy and psychology, rehabilitation of post-comatose patients, teenagers and music for patients with psychiatric ailments.

He also has been interested in Asian medical and philosophical traditions. He works in hospitals with patients afflicted by Alzheimer, Psychoses, Coma, Cranial Trauma. He also works in the field of preparing mothers-to-be to the experience of giving birth.

Further, he works in communities taking care of drug addicts and in the prison of Como.

Privately, he works in the fields of the cure of insomnia and of stress-reduction-methods.

He also conducted in-depth studies on therapies that bring the patient in contact with animals, the so called pet-therapy.
Besides this, he cooperates in several pharmaceutical journals in Italy and Switzerland.

As a lecturer and teacher, he gave varying courses both in the fields of musical therapy and of pet-therapy.

Informations are available at the following e-mail:


The Art of Listening

The power which music has to integrate and to heal ... is an essential element. It is the most complete non chemical medicine.”

Oliver Sack, “Risvegli”


“Music creates a certain vibration which undeniably produces a physical reaction. Eventually they will find the right vibration for each individual and they will use it”.

George Gershwin


“Music is your experience, your thoughts, your wisdom. If you do not live it, it will not emanate from your instruments”.

Charlie Parker


Every single day of our lives is accompanied by sounds, some more pleasant than others, however always some kind of sounds.

It is impossible to remain indifferent to the annoying sound of an alarm that “yells” in the heart of the night, or impossible not to feel shivers running up our spine when listening to a soft melody that bring happy moments back to mind.

More often than not, we have a tendency to “hear” a sound, words, talks, music, and very few are able to actually “listen”.

“To hear” means to allow anything the world tell us to just slide onto us, “to listen”, on the other hand, means to understand and discover the effect of waht we listen to has upon us.

“To hear” = to be passive

“To listen” = to be active

The does not exist any sound, voice, word, music, which when listened to has no effect upon our organism.

The art of listening means to let our being recognize those sounds which can help us the most when we go through difficult times, it means to know oneself to defend oneself and help oneself to overcome critical situations; it means to “be present” with our entire being.

To listen to our own body better with the sound of music, is to help ourselves to heal and in this way discover or rediscover that latent inner potential, which lay dormant as a result of a poor knowledge of ourselves.

To Listening also increases our cerebral potential, as some German and Canadian neurologists have discovered: that knowing how to listen to music increases the brain’s ability to perform abstract operations such as mathematical calculations, as well as raising the IQ by at least 8 points, immediately after.

If listening to music carries on for some time, the anatomy of grey matter can even transform itself.

It is only when we do not listen to a particular symptom in our organism, that it degenerates into an illness, because no problem does not first emit warning signals in one way or another, before becoming potentially negative.

To recognise, understand, heal: all this in one word “listening”; it is so simple but at the same time, it is also a journey through music to better understand our being and where music will be the communicating agent between us and our self.

I wish to offer some moments easy to use in every day life, through meetings whereby music, soul and body, can cooperate to get the most benefit, through a better knowledge of ourselves.

For the first time at last, we shall be able to listen in order to listen to ourselves.