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Towards an integrated world health system, on the physical, mental and spiritual levels




Dr. Gianmario Esposito - Italy

Graduated in Medicine and Surgery with magna cum laude on 28/07/75 at the Università di Pavia. Specialized in Odontoiatrics and Stomatologics on 22/07/78 at the Università di Milano.

He taught at the Università di Chieti and is presently Professore at the Scuola di Specializzazione in Ortognatodonzia, directed by Prof. Domenico Caradonna, at the University of Palermo, were he teaches Master Classes in: POSTUROLOGIA E OSTEOPATIA e OCCLUSIONE E POSTURA IN CHIAVE KINESIOLOGICA.

He has taught in the following international institutions: Università degli Studi di Tor Vergata ROMA, Direttore Prof. Giovanni Palattella, in the master classes on GNATOLOGIA POSTURALE; UNIVERSITE’ P. Sabatier TOULOUSE (France); UNIVERSITA’ Cattolica del Sacro Cuore ROMA, UNIVERSITA' degli Studi GENOVA

Further, he completed the following certificates:

Diploma in Neuro-kinesiology, a two year course with Prof. René Bourdiol, 1994-1996;

Diploma in Homeopathy, obtained on 30/06/96 in Milan, after a three year course at the Scuola Superiore di Omeopatia-SMB Italia;

Diplomas in OSTEOPATICS at the "The UPLEDGER Institute,INC" and in "CranioSacral Therapy Level I° and II° Workshop", 21-01-1990 New York and 18-02-1990 Philadelphia.

In 1981 he treated the first case of Occluso-Postural dysfunction, that he healed with Odontoiatrical Kinesiology. His results were published in the proceedings of the II° National Congress A.I.K.E.C.M., Ancona September 21th-23rd in 1984.

In 1987, with Jean Pierre Meersseman, he wrote the 1st artiche on the discovery of the close interrelation between dental occlusion and the physical posture in the entire history of medicine (IL DENTISTA MODERNO).

In 1989, publication of the 1st course in Medical Kinesiology and Odontoiatrics on videocassette, teaching diagnostics and therapy of S.D.P.D. (Sindrome Disfunzionale Posturale Discendente). The course is updated nad republished yearly.

In 1992, co-authored a book with the title: “less pharmaceutical medication, more health. How we are changing diagnostics and therapy”. Ed. Carpentieri.

In 1993 he founded S.I.K.M.O. Società Italiana di Kinesiologia Medica e Odontoiatrica, an organisation he heads as its President.

Honorary founding member of the Spanish branch of S.E.K.M.O., the Sociedad Española de Kinesiología Médica y Odontológica.

Honorary member of the french A.R.C.A.D.E., the Association de Recherche en Concepts Avancés Dento Énergétiques.

He authored numerous articles in scientific and popular science magazines and has been invited to speak in numerous conferences, both in Italy and abroad.


Holistic Medical Kinesiology:
a new diagnostic approach towards the integration of all medical systems

We are witnessing an important moment in history, both for our profession and our private lives: a conflict between different cultures and diametrically different methodologies; on the one hand, the rigorous Cartesian model of western medicine, and on the other, the Einsteinian esoterical style of Asian medical traditions.

It is my conviction that there is no real conflict here, exactly as there is no conflict between matter and energy, because both are different aspects of the same reality.

The union of the materialist approach and the approach involving energy is not only possible, but necessary. In my experience it is the only way to improve prevention and cure.

Like all new things, this new approach provokes both enthusiastic support and resistance or open hostility. There is still a lot of work to balance out these two kinds of extreme reactions that always accompany the diffusion of an innovation. However, the results are already so encouraging that we will certainly persevere on this path.

However, the responsibility at stake is not to be taken lightly: first of all, we must think of our patients, our collages and about ourselves. S.I.K.M.O. is an organisation that was founded in 1993 and that seeks to improve the life of all these three categories.

It is an association of people who want to grow, both professionally and spiritually by teaching the new philosophy of diagnosis to everybody who wants to learn it.

Everyone of us forms a unique unity of body, mind and energy.

This is the reason why the sickness of a particular person also is always unique: thus, we need a universal approach in our understanding, but a specific therapy for.

The HOLISTIC MEDICAL KINESIOLOGY is an integrated system developed in the context of S.I.K.M.O., representing an evolution of applied kinesiology.

Besides postural analysis in an ortho-static position and semeiotic tests in clino-static position, we make a wide analysis of all the possible causes of the dispersion and loss of vital energy, using techniques of physical and psychological inquiry.

Thus, visiting our patient involves a series of different analytical steps that allow one to identify and class the etiological factors. On this basis, the plan for the therapeutically action is framed on the basis of a very precise understanding of the specific case, its characteristic and, the holistic vision of the whole individual in his different aspects and in relation to the environment he lives in.