Integrated TRADITIONAL Medicines
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Towards an integrated world health system, on the physical, mental and spiritual levels




Dr. Paolo Mariani - Italy

Paolo Mariani (Dino) was born at Vercelli in 1949.
1967 high-school diploma in Chemistry and Analysis
1973 Doctorate in Social Sciences.
1974 wins a one-year scholarship at the I.R.E.S, Rome, and follows a master program on “Economics and Social Development”.
1977 works in the legal service of a major bank company.
1985: meeting Lama Gangchen is the “flash of lightning” that changes his area of interests in the field of studies and the nature of his commitment to others. He enrols at the CESMEO in Rome, where he studies for four years. Here, he completes a degree in Tibetan Language by translating a series of chapters from important texts, such as the “Pema Than Yik” (the Poem describing the life of Guru Rimpoche), the “Bardo töe drol” (The “Liberation by Hearing”) and some chapters from “rGhiud bshi” (The Four Tantras of Medecine).
At the same time, upon advice from Lama Gangchen, he follows classes and seminars on Shiatsu in Italy and abroad.

To further his understanding of Lama Gangchen’s teachings on Tibetan Tantric Medecine, he follows the three-year study program in Traditional Herboristery. Thus, in 1992, he receives the Diploma in Herboristery of the University of Urbino, the only diploma of this kind recognized by the Italian State.

Still on Lama Gangchen’s advice, in 1990, Dott. Paolo Mariani and his wife, Tina Mariani – found the Centro Buddha della Medicina, an association for the study of Dharma under the spiritual guidance of Rinpoche. Both are recognised as Peace Messengers and Dharma Teachers by Lama Gangchen.

Ever since then, with the blessings and the energy of the Lineage Guru, the group in Turin has undertaken initiatives for the benefit of tens of thousands of people.

In 1995, Dott. Mariani starts developing the technique of “Ngal-So Shiatsu – Self-Healing on Touch®” for mental, energetic and postural harmony. Besides teachings this art, he also gives classes in two related fields: on the comparative outlook between traditional Herboristery and Tibetan medicine and on Dharma in the tradition of the lineage of Ngal-So®.

Currently, he works on a book on the principles of the Ngal-So Shiatsu®.


The TRADITIONAL HERBAL MEDICINE of the Mediteranean Area is the result of a long transmission in the art of healing. Starting with Hippocrates in the Fourth Century b.C., it associated the theory of the 4 elements (Earth, Water, Air and Fire) with the processes of warmness, coldness, dryness and moisture.

Analogously, the TIBETAN MEDICINE, based on the scriptural source of the 4 Tantras (texts that contain Buddha Shakyamuni’s teachings on healing), considers 5 elements (Earth,the three humours (air, bile and phlegm). Disease is viewed as a disbalance between these factors.

Thus, altough these two systems of medecine originated in two very distant aereas, they have a common ground: they are both based on a fundamental consideration of the elements and the humours.
They are still existing today because they work. They are part of the common heritage of humanity. Because of their usefulness, they should be preserved for the future generations.


Ngal-So® Shiatsu is a therapy based on the art of touching the body. It differs from the methods of traditional Shiatsu by functioning on three different levels: on the levels of energy, on the level of soma and on the level of muscles and bones.

To be able to apply the tecnique correctly on these three levels, the therapist must follow a spiritual practice in the tradition of Tantric Self-Healing as thought by Lama Ganchen, hereby transforming the energies that are stuck in the body.

In this context, the system of the TSHE (tibetan: “Tshe’i rtsa gsum”) is of a particular importance: as a part of Tibet’s Tantric Medecine, it describe the daily movements of energy-drops (the most subtle components in our psychophysical makeup) that are connected to the lunar cycles.

Ngal-So® Shiatsu-therapy, includes different methods that are based on this system. More specifically, the therapist with his “special touch” feels and directs the flow of energies and purities it. Thereby, it offers an effective cure to people affected by varying disbalances, that are often hard to be cured by traditional methods.