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Marco Del Grande - Italy

Mr. MARCO DEL GRANDE was born in Pesaro on october 26th 1950. He still lives in this city with his wife Nadia and their three daughters.
He graduated from the Istituto Professionale di Stato for Business. After this, he did his military service in the navy with the grade of a sergent.

He begins his professional life as Agente Generale Procuratore in a well known insurance company in Pesaro. He is engaged in the trade unions and in political life. In 1981, he begins to be interested in the phenomenon of energies.

He follows different classes on this subject.

He realizes that there are realities beyond the chemical-material, that is already well known.. His conviction grows, that there is a hidden reality, connected to the nature of electromagnetic fields, with a great influence on life. In 1988, he comes in touch with the “Turenne system” and begins to study it. This system takes it’s name from it’s founder, the french engineer and physician Louis Turenne, the pioneer in the field of electromagnetism.

For many years, Turenne led deep research into the laws and phenomena of electromagnetism.

Mr. Del Grande then studies alternative medicine and in 1993 he graduates from the "MEDICINA ALTERNATIVA INSTITUTE" affiliated to THE OPEN INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY FOR COMPLEMENTARY MEDICINES, that in 1962 was founded by the World Health organisation at ALMA ATA and recognised by the UNO). It’s present location is in Sri Lanka.

In the same year (1993), he participates at the World Congress on Alternative Medicine held in Malaga (Spain).

In 1995, he presents an exposition on " The comming back to life of body and spirit" at the World Congress of Medicine in Colombo (Sri Lanka). The exposition presents the discovery of a certain type of electromagnetic waves with a “Unique” shape and a positive influence on man in his “WHOLENESS”.

In 1996, he is invited by the Open University to the World Congress of Medicine. Here, he presents an exposition with the title: "The Wave: Generative Matrix of every reality”. The exposition puts the emphasis on the influence of the environment and of thinking on the human condition. In 1996, the S.B.B.S. ZOROASTRIAN COLLEGE, Bombay (India), recognizes the merits of his studies for human well being. The same University invites him in 1999 to partecipate in the Indian World Congress at the beginning of the year 2000.

In 1998 he participates a the VII International Congress for the diffusion of Tibetan Medicine organized in Madrid by the LAMA GANGCHEN WORLD PEACE FOUNDATION.

Also in 1998, the Senate of the The Open International University for Complementary Medicines confers "The accolade of Merit of Excellence" on him.

In Italy, he has taught classes and worked as Tutor at the course of Naturopathy at the International University based in Milan (U.I.M.) and recognised by the British Complementary Medicine Association (B.C.M.A.).

Since 1996 he registred at the Chamber of European Arts and Non-Medical Professions (CEAPS), He also registered at the F.R.C.P. (M.A.).

He is a member of the Turenne Association, the organisation that inherited the body of knowledge on science and remedies that Turenne left for the global well-being.

In october 2002, at Vercelli, he is decorated with the National Prize “for Works in favour of Humanity”.

Since 1996, he fully dedicates himself to the activities of research and study on:

• Electromagnetic waves and cosmo-telluric radiations.
• Analysing the individual and environmental wave-situation.
• Analysing waters and fields for geobiological agriculture

His office is in Via Curiel , 11 Galleria Roma, Scala B. II Floor, Pesaro.
Phone: (0039)333/4885249.