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Dr. Marta Cortes - USA

Dr. Martha Cortes is a 1985 graduate from the University of New York at Buffalo of Dental Medicine; she completed her residency training at Mount Sinai Medical Center in NYC; and has been affiliated with Mount Sinai Hospital as a faculty member since 1987. She has given general instruction in pedodontics, cosmetics, general dentistry, the Phobia Clinic, and most recently laser dentistry at Mount Sinai. She is past president of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry-New York Chapter, the past international chair serving consecutive terms, and has been an accredited member since 1992. She is past president of the Latin American Cultural Center, and was a reviewer of research grants for the Federal Medical agency. The United States Surgeon General, Dr. Antonia Novello awarded her a certificate of achievement, in 1993. Dr. Cortes is an international lecturer and published author. She was the consecutive co-chair of dentistry with the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery for 2000-01. Dr. Cortes is a qualified laser educator, an examiner for laser qualifications for the Academy of Laser Dentistry and has a mastership in laser technology through the Academy of Laser Dentistry. She is a fellow of the international Academy of Facial-Dental Esthetics, a fellow of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, and a Diplomat Member of the American Society of Dental Aesthetics. Dr Cortes combines Laser, Esthetics and Biological dentistry into a multi-disciplined practice, approaching each patient uniquely.

Healing the Whole Body through Biological Dentistry

Healing requires that blocked energetic fields first be released, so there can be a free flow of energy throughout the energetic circuitry of the body. If the body is blocked emotionally or in a chakra the life-force is then stagnant and the body is unable to use or receive emotional, mental and spiritual sources to heal itself. The same can be said of blocks in the dental cavity, which prevent a re-vitalization of the body. A dental infection is then seen as foci of disease, where the infection robs the body of energy, by requiring a tremendous amount of energetic attention to prevent mass mobilization of the infective process. The body is then in a quandary because on one hand it is isolating a potentially dangerous disease process and on the other hand it is trying to heal itself of a different process. The body therefore is at cross-purposes with itself and can therefore not muster a unified response to the disease. When dental blocks are removed there is a tremendous amount of energy released that becomes available for healing and detoxification. However, since the oral cavity is a complex system, it is not always possible to find and change dental blocks by surgical removal; a block can also be a reduction of the size of the teeth because of grinding, clenching and the process of masticating. The bite therefore needs to be restored to a proper physiological height, otherwise it acts like a continuous stressor to the muscles of the face, neck and head, which then radiate down into the muscles, tendons and ligaments of the spine and therefore to the rest of the body.

As alternative practitioners we need to see the body as a whole, as a unified structure that requires integration on all levels of self; so that metaphorically and literally that which is above also affects that which is below. Only when the body is in physiological union can there be lasting healing of the physical side.

Lasers in combination with other bio-enhancing machines are used as modalities of light, healing by using electromagnetic energy. These electromagnetic units non-invasively activate the body’s natural intelligence by releasing bio-chemicals that help return the body to homeostasis.