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Althea Gray - USA

Althea Gray, Honorary Consul for Sri Lanka in New Mexico, USA

7610 Old Santa Fe Trail

Santa Fe,  New Mexico 87505 USA

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My earliest influences in ancient Philosophies and Healing began with my Nicaraguan grandmother who was a traditional doctor (Curandera) and healer in her country. These influences lead me to India at the age of 18 where I met the “Mother” at Sri Aurobindo’s Ashram in South India.  She asked me to work with the children in the Ashram.  This lead to an undergraduate study in Special Education where I worked with children who were academically challenged and with children who were gifted.

After different careers and many hats, today, I serve as an Honorary Consul for Sri Lanka in New Mexico and I follow my grandmother’s foot steps as a Healer.

I believe one of the greatest paths to inner and outer peace is through Knowledge.

Through the sharing of differences and the discovery of similarities,  one can bring together a gathering of hearts.

The Pearl Within

I begin with this quote “Your most ancient human task is to recover every thing that makes you whole, to find your soul, and to discover your demon.”

We live at a time where all the great teachers who had the capacity to guide the consciousness and spirit of man are gone or are leaving this precious earth.

There are no Martin Luther Kings, there are no Winston Churchill’s, there are no Mahatma Gandhi’s, and there are no John F. Kennedy’s. There are few lucid sages left that have the capacity to lead and guide mankind.

The few enlightened pundits that are left are given the most enormous task of holding the space for you to find your own precious Pearl within.

What does this ultimately mean? It means that you are responsible for your own enlightenment, it means you are responsible for the choices that you make, it means you are the caretaker, the giver of life and death. It means that you are the both the student and the master.

In a larger more global context this means that your choices are not islands but seeds that germinate and grow all over the world. Each plant, each animal, each soul on this planet is touched by your choices.

With growing globalization, we are increasingly becoming of one heart and one spirit. When one man fails, we all fail. When one country falls, we all fall.

Again, I quote “Your most ancient human task is to recover every thing that makes you whole, to find your soul, and to discover your demon.”

The future of mankind and this planet, now more than ever, depends on it.