United Peace Voices - Italy

The United Peace Voices represent the ideal meeting point between the digital passions expressed on the most creative dance floors and a deep spirituality that, aside from any religious beliefs, presents a sincere social engagement.

The group, made up of five female vocalists, dedicate all their compositions to high ideals, which are closely connected to the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism. The group is indeed born out of the religious and artistic experience of the Milan centre founded by Lama Gangchen, committed to spreading intense and efficient messages, such as those related to inner and outer peace, towards world peace.

Their onset some six years ago, brought about a historical meeting with Allen Ginsberg (poet of the Beat Generation), the Lama and the girls. And it was the author of “Howl” himself who encouraged them to form the band. Only a short time later, they produced their first CD, which is being sold worldwide to enthusiastic appreciation by musicians such as Peter Gabriel and high ranking personalities such as Kofi Annan, Secretary General of the United Nations, during an international event dedicated to world peace at United Nations headquarters in New York, together with the soul singer Isaac Hayes.

They take part in international events (and have been to Nepal, Spain and India among others) and have now published a second CD with Irma Records:
 “Zamling Shide”, a CD where the millenary Tibetan tradition, the devotional chants and the praises to the deities give an emotional counterpart to the best producers, DJs and musicians that gravitate around Irma Records.

In this way, the record has the taste of a collective piece of art, of an exercise in style, between the rhythmic complexities of the drum n’ base, the sophisticated melodies of electronic jazz, technological digressions and Latin American moods.

All this in service to Tibetan culture, the spirit floating in the monasteries hidden amidst those inaccessible mountains, of Self-Healing – a practice based on the recitation of mantras, as taught by Lama Gangchen. The CD is dedicated to “Help In Action”, a branch organization of the Lama Gangchen World Peace Foundation, for adoptions at a distance of Tibetan Nepalese children.