Dr Ruedi Schneider – Switzerland

Born in Basel/ Switzerland 8.1.1949. Father responsible for the fire brigade of a big chemical industry. That is why we lived in the middle of it. Many fire alarms in the night. Mother as mother focused on the problems of motherhood and children in war times, in famine, in the schools, under rules and so on.

Formal education in a classic school.

School end speech about inner peace and it's relation to the outer world in a big church in front of thousand people.

Studies in medicine. “Because I was so many times sick myself”.

Marriage 1978. Five children - wonderful time. But a lot of fears, that's why I contacted Lama Gangchen. Non formal education with his advice. Many new friends.

Since 25 years medical office in Schinznach - Dorf and medical school. Women, children, food and sleep make me happy.

peaceworld@swissonline.ch - www.peaceworld.ch/


The General Practitioner’s perfume!

Generally speaking I am an ordinary doctor. Some negative side effects are related to the medicines we use but the effect itself is supposed to be always positive. Yet – sorry – it is not like this. In reality, we more or less always experience negative side effects and the desired effect is also not always as positive as expected. This is one of the reasons why I look for more suitable medicines, which are less harmful. On these grounds, Tibetan medicines are in my opinion the most useful; the availability however, is naturally limited.

Now to this incredible topic: Positive Side Effects – changing the point of view, aside from the courage to walk in new fields, new unknown spaces; increasing positive feelings, the fragrance of which dissolves into space.

Awareness, humor and joy arise like magic!

Avoiding negative feelings, overcoming the arising of mind attacks, such as hatred and justification. Even if we feel completely justified or we think that our position is the right one, poison starts to disturb our minds. The real challenge in the future is to overcome the very intent towards mind attacks.