Gabriele Mandel-Khan - Italy

Painter, writer, psychoanalyst, university teacher, journalist.

Course of bachelor in Letters, Linguistic, Psychology, Medicine and Surgery.

Specializations in clinical Psychology, Fetal Medicine, History of the ceramics Muslim.

Doctorate of search in Archaeology.

Diploma of violin (harmony with Arrigo Pedrollo) and complement of flute (Gastone Tassinari).

Honoris bachelor Cause in Sciences Muslims of the University be them of Konya (Turkey).

It studied recording (1944-47) with Giulio Cisari and then I fresco with Augustin Pegrassi (1954) to the advanced national Academy of Fine Arts of Paris (Cami and Goerg were graduated ().

It was perfected in the recording with Edouard Viiralt and the techniques of the painting with Friedrich von Rieger. It together began the ceramics to Paris in the atelier of Leon Tutndjan to Salvador Dalý and Armand Nakache.

Author of 142 books publishes to you from the greater Publisher Houses (between which Curly Rizzoli, Mondadori, Franc Maria, Rusconi, Paoline Editions, Sugarco, Longanesi) with numerous co-edition. Journalist publicist.

Exhibitor to the Biennial one of Venice, the Museum of modern Art of Paris, to the Salons of Paris, the Museum of Liegi ("the great masters of the contemporary recording"), to the Cabinet of Press of the national Library of Paris. Slabs originate them to the Copperplate engraving of the Museum of the Louvre of Paris.

186 personal extensions between which: Museum of Tokyo (Zauho Press Foundation); Museum New Delhi (Ravi Kumar Foundation); Civic Library of the Common one of Milan to Sormani Palace; Civic Libraries of Sixth saint Giovanni, Frank Martina, etc.

Sufi Medicine Specialist.


"Sufism: A peaceful way through meditation and musico-therapy"

What is Sufism, the value of meditation (similar to the buddhist, hindu, orthodox ... meditation); the usefulness of Sufi musico-therapy.