Dr Luciano Zambotti - Italy

Surgeon and psycho-therapist, specialised in home sciences and dietetics, expert in fito-therapy, homeopathy and traditional Tibetan medicine.

Since 1993 he collaborates with the Kunpen Lama Gangchen Tibetan Centre in Milan and with the Albagnano Healing Meditation Centre in Bee, Verbania for the spreading of the traditional Tibetan medical system. He hold seminars and gives lectures in conferences.

For some years now, he has been organizing seminars with methods and techniques used by shamanic cultures as well as with psycho-therapy (according to Gestalt, PNL, psycho-drama); through the narration, recitation and the dramatization of their own dreams participants can thus understand the deep message contained in their dreams.

He is a consultant for various magazines: Donna moderna, Peace Times, etc. and collaborates with the Lama Gangchen World Peace Foundation, Don Gnocchi Foundation NGO, Mir i Dobro onlus) in the building of orphanages, dispensaries, medical centers as well as centers for the disabled, in Tibet, Nepal, Bosnia Erzegovina.

He published:

  • “Lo sciamanesimo” Il mosaico, Novara 1999

  • “Le tisane terapeutiche, fonte di benessere” Tecniche Nuove. Milano 2004

  • “ Sulle ali dello sciamano” Lz, Milano 2005