T.Y.S. Lama Gangchen - Italy


Founder of the Lama Gangchen World Peace Foundation
Initiator of the proposal for the creation of a permanent Spiritual Forum for world peace at the United Nations

A Tibetan Lama Healer, Lama Gangchen is the holder of an ancient and unbroken lineage of Tantric Masters dating from the time of Shakyamuni Buddha. His Ngalso Tantric Selfhealing is based on Buddha's teaching and is very suitable for modern society.

His work focuses upon non-formal education (with over 100 study centres around the world) as a centre piece for teaching the real foundations of peace, sharing his vision of inner transformation and self-healing which begins not in the science but in the intuition and feeling level of humanity: calling to bring the economic, social, environmental and political structures we are so involved in these days into the “peace” and “being” dimensions of our lives, and for addressing inner violence as the source of our destruction as a civilisation, teaching that the solution to most of our “outer” problems begin with inner growth and evolution.

Moreover, he is particularly dedicating his energy to the inter-religious dialogue in the conviction that only by uniting all the positive energies of the planet, both on the inner and outer level, can world peace be achieved. In order to concretise this vision, in 1995 he wrote and presented a proposal for the creation of a permanent spiritual forum inside the United Nations - “United Nations Spiritual Forum for World Peace” - in which all religious denominations, their leaders and representatives can meet in order to concert actions for inner and world peace. A spiritual forum to “identify non-material solutions” which should become the “principal deliberating body of the most effective inner solutions to outer and inner problems”: a human solidarity for the 21st century.

Since 1995, Lama Gangchen has been promoting this concept worldwide, presenting it to Religious and Spiritual leaders, Heads of States, Political leaders, Secretary General of the United Nations Boutros Boutros Ghali and Kofi Annan, Ambassadors, Economists, Industrialists, Religious, Spiritual and Ecumenical organisations and Institutions, NGOs, prominent world figures, and many more, in a dedicated effort to offer each individual and the collective, an open invitation to make the “best investment for future generations”, based on inner peace as the common language, reinforcing the need for all of us to look more closely at its deeper meaning.



World network of peaceful and positive side effects

Any form of human activity produces main effects as well as side effects that have an impact on the lives of all living beings. It is impossible to escape the law of Tendrel Gninpo, of the dependent arising of all phenomena in the outer and inner worlds: each event is strictly connected to each other; there is an original inseparable synergy among men and the surrounding environment.

Not only actions, but also emotions, feelings, thoughts and words have effect on our mind and our body, as well as on others and the environment. A simple glance or an almost imperceptible gesture is capable of provoking an incredible chain reaction of short and long term events.

With the body, speech and mind, each of us creates, perhaps unconsciously, side effects that can be either positive or negative. We must be very careful because even a principally positive effect can hide multiple secondary negative side effects.

The wisdom of the absolute interdependency of causes and conditions and the inseparable link that ties an action to a reaction, a life to another, must never leave us: from such depend our own personal health and the global health of the planet at gross, subtle and very subtle levels.

Hate, jealousy, fear, miserliness, ignorance, can only generate an enormous amount of negative side effects. Love, joy, compassion, altruistic motivation - on the other hand - have the energy to produce a rainbow of positive side effects. Nowadays, positive side effects on the body and mind are known to be results of meditation and prayer.

Violent and negative side effects invade our life and destroy harmony and serenity. To think that we could easily avoid them: they are none other than the consequence of our mistaken choices, of our actions based on selfish and short term motivation, of our dark and agitated states of mind.

We have poisoned the ecosystem; each day we find ourselves suffering from negative side effects produced by the contamination of water, air and earth. Surprisingly, nature has become the major source of negative side effects for our bodies and mind: the unbalance in the environment produces devastating effects on our immune system and our five senses. Society strongly marked by tension, injustice and instability - from the disintegration of the family to the collapse of interpersonal relationships - makes us become more and more afraid, doubtful, psychologically fragile, alienated, incapable of handling emotions while living a destructive life style. Unhappiness, dissatisfaction and a general sense of solitude act as detonators for the explosion of hate, intolerance, violence.

In past centuries until today, religions can have negative side effects when they degenerate into fatalism and integralism thus forgetting their peace essence. On the other hand, science, with its discoveries and technological inventions, although it improved and, in many ways, made our daily life more comfortable, it also produced side effects of devastating violence towards the environment. In economy, specifically, the big financial operations of the global market create the causes and conditions for new abuse and margination. In the field of information, the Media launches non-stop violent words and images which, when amplified, stimulate violent emotions and behaviour.

Every day, we are paying the consequences of violent side effects produced by environmental contamination, social distancing, cultural pressures, and choices of economical policies: all this in terms of quality of life and at the levels of the most subtle energies of existence.

The obvious evidence of negative side effects provoked by certain pharmaceutical products, toxic emissions in the planet or social margination can help us understand the mechanism that regulates the creation of positive side effects.

Positive side effects are extremely powerful healing tools for the body, the mind and the environment. They are the best medicine and the best investment for our future and society at gross, subtle and very subtle levels.

Committed to create, always, everywhere and exclusively, positive side effects, we choose the most practical, economical and efficient way to develop our physical and mental well-being as well as a sustainable social and environmental system.

The first step is to transform our individual negative attitudes and motivation and purify the elements that form our body and our mind; thus, we will develop attention at subtle and extremely subtle levels of existence and the profound wisdom of the interdependence of phenomena, all indispensable in order to create positive side effects. The new wisdom vision of the side effects produced by our mental states and our actions will therefore be the base for the natural application of the principles of non formal education for inner peace in each moment and in each of our life choices. Inner peace, the most solid foundation for world peace, minimizes that which produces negative and harmful side effects and exalts that which produces benefits and all that is positive.

Let us liberate ourselves from all negative and violent side effects! Let us create a world network of peaceful and positive side effects in the fields of economy, science, information, education and spirituality!

By the power of the truth
With the attention of all human beings
And with the blessings of all holy beings
May negative side effects
be transformed in positive side effects