Isira Sananda - Australia

Isira Sananda is a Global Peace Ambassador and one of the modern world's Spiritual Masters. As a leader of human consciousness, she inspires humanity to reclaim their own greater potential of wisdom, love, peace and compassion. Isira has established educational programmes for peace empowerment and conflict resolution; opened the first peace centre in Nigeria; and worked amongst world leaders at global forums. Isira is inter-faith and inter-spirit. She speaks from the heart of all religions, and all are welcomed. Her teaching unifies science, religion, social and cultural differences, and personal development - in the context of peace within the collective whole.

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LOVE, the ultimate positive power

Within every one of us is a presence of Love that is free from fear, disease, pain, aging and death. When we connect with this presence, what previously appeared as limitations no longer exist. Even if we enter this presence fleetingly, a profound shift is instilled in us that changes the rest of our life experience.

Healing therefore invites us to the ultimate quest…to enter the place within our self that is free of disease. It is the place that is no longer fragmented. It is the Self that is whole. Unfortunately healing therapies and medicines often keep us focused on methods and perceptions that are still a product of limitation or separation. We focus on what is not working (what is limited) and look for a solution to remedy it. As a result we compound the belief in a limited self, and continue to perpetuate the same behavior driven by limited perception. This in turn breeds further limited beliefs, limited possibilities and limited outcomes. Illness and suffering is a direct outcome of this vicious cycle. It is a level of perception that is dysfunctional. It does not reflect or support the true potential of our life capacity.

Einstein famously stated that no problem is ever solved on the level that it was created.
Therefore true healing requires us to shift our perceptions from whatever is limited to that which is limitless. Literally we need to move to a different level, the Love presence within. In the world of technology how we do this would be called “breakthrough thinking”. By targeting the highest possibility e.g. total health, our thought field is immediately ‘pushed’ beyond the limited box it’s been in, to find a way to create the outcome.

This actually requires us to access something that is other than just ‘mind’ because our mind perceptions are based on defined points which in themselves are limited. This does not mean however that our thoughts cannot be useful to move us towards a new possibility. In fact it is our recognition of a higher possibility that opens our awareness beyond the mind map where we have been stuck.

So if we are to connect with this higher possibility we must move our thoughts to that which is whole. This wholeness is the very life essence of every one of us. It is the unified field. It is the consciousness that is free of identity. It is the vitality of love that is all embracing.

If we look closely at our experience of life we can distill it down to two distinct states: fear or love.

Fear is perpetuated by our addiction to identification. From identification we are constantly defining and living in rigid attention to boundaries, which are limited fields of perception. As a result we have a fragmented view and beliefs about life which result in the imbalance of our own life forces.

Love is cultivated by a state of accepting embrace for the true nature of life. I am not simply referring to Love as an emotion, but to the innocent state of our true self. This innocent state of Love is simultaneously profoundly intelligent, powerful and yielding, surrendered and responding. In this state we embrace all and we relinquish the rejection and resistance to life. Buddha stated that there were three ‘sins’: ignorance, attachment and aversion. This ignorance is our false view that we are separate from ‘God’ the limitless life/power or Self that is perfect…that is Love. Our attachments arise from this limited view as a desperate effort to acquire a sense of control or safety. The effect is one of doubt and mistrust leading us to an aversion where we deeply reject and resist life.

In order to regain our faith and certainty in our true power we must attune to and understand the nature and intelligence of love. By understanding this divine intelligence we begin to resolve our ignorance. As we resolve our ignorance we no longer perpetuate attachments or aversions for we see life in its true state of wholeness. In the power of this witnessing is a profound shift.

Our whole quantum field takes on a different order. Love is an all connected presence… it is literally the unified field. As we align our thoughts, feelings and beliefs to the unified field we become a state of profound connectedness. Our energy field is open and flowing and we are able to recognize and align with limitless possibilities through which our entire organism may respond in constant harmony with the greater whole of life. As a consequence we are in a constant state of balance.

An example of this quantum field shift was at the age of 28/9 when I was critically ill. I had passed through the death tunnel three times and recognized the atomic level that was vibrating to thought patterns of rejection and resistance to life. As I witnessed this I was simultaneously aware of the eternal Self…the presence which is free of fear, pain, illness aging and death. I realized that this presence and the play of life in the atoms of body were actually not separate… but were a merging point of the potential of spirit and the creation of life. In that witnessing was a profound realization that actually ‘life’ (the world of form) itself is not suffering… but that our rejection of it, because of limited perception, creates the limited pattern of energy which results in illness, dissatisfaction and suffering. After 3 years of long periods in hospital and unsuccessful operations I checked myself out of hospital and underwent a radical and instant conscious shift that brought about total healing. Within the connection of myself to the presence of wholeness I manifested a life vitality in my body that was like that of a 12 year old. What was most startling was that the actualizing energy was not in the thought itself of wholeness but in the love of the self within that wholeness. The ‘thought’ of wholeness was like a key, but the love was what actually turned the key.

With this encounter I realized that our healing and transformation requires the embrace and cultivation of two branches. The first is the transformation of our limited thoughts through a raised level…I refer to this as the intelligence of love (wisdom). The second is the reclamation of the true Self within us… the presence of wholeness (love). Through the practice of Kripaa (WisdomHeart-the name representing these two branches unified) we are able to integrate these two branches in our life in a way that we are directly active in our steps to wholeness, rather than simply conceptual. This is what we all most deeply aspire to…as Ghandi said “we must be the change we want to see”. With Kripaa (the meditation practice of WisdomHeart) we are able to access the direct source of Love which IS wholeness, which is free of illness, and we are able to experience its power directly at work in our own life and those around us.

This direct connection to Love supports our own inner experience of knowing truth beyond what were our previous limited perceptions. We establish a clear conscious response to life that is aligned with the true nature of existence. Life then becomes filled with ease and grace.

It is only Love that holds the certain power of total health. In the truth of our vibrational alignment with the limitless Love/ Self, we are able to manifest our highest possible expression of vitality on all levels.