Dr. Franco Ceccarelli - Italy


"Peace" Economist, Italy

Born on the 21st of December 1952, in Milan, Italy.
Economist, Businessman and "Start-Up Initiator of programmes for a new peace economy

Graduated from La Bocconi University in Milan, Italy, he has been the promoter of several humanitarian initiatives for peace: such as the Peace Radio in Milan, Italy; Global Village in Bagni di Lucca, Italy; Himalayan Broadcasting Company HBC94fm in Kathmandu, Nepal. He is a supporter of all the humanitarian projects realised by the Lama Gangchen World Peace Foundation, a Non-Governmental Organisation affiliated to the United Nations.


Small is beautiful!

Everyone thinks about becoming famous, expand, be visible, and where has it all taken us? To rediscover small values in a globalized world: In order to go global we do not need to become big!

“The exceptional undertaking is to be normal” Lucio Dalla