Fernanda Tosco - Italy

Born in Turin, Italy on the 24th of February 1946.

After completing her studies and graduating from the Faculty of Biological Sciences, she starts work at the DeAgostini Geographic Institute in Novara, Italy, as an editor, specialized in scientific materials (medicine, alternative medicine, zoology, herbalism, gardening, astronomy), and works there to date as Chief Editor.

Ever since her early twenties, she is interested in spiritual disciplines and the Western esoteric tradition. She studies alchemy with a Turin master and learned healing practices with hands on according to the alchemy tradition.

Since 1980 she practises prano-therapy as a volunteer and has been getting good results, even with some severe cases.

In 1988 she follows the Rosicrucian course with a French master, at the Castle of Montségur, in the Pyrenees.

In 1995 she meet Lama Gangchen and becomes his disciple and practitioner of his teachings. Observing that the Tibetan tantric tradition and the Rosicrucian tradition have several commonalities, she dedicates herself passionately to the study of this parallelism and at the same time, she perfects her own prano-therapy technique based upon the teachings received by Lama Gangchen.

In 1999 she is awarded the Inner and World Peace Educator certificate.

In 2002 she takes part in a basic Tibetan Medicine course with Amchi Dawa Tsering, concluding the course with a certificate.

In 2003 and then again in 2004, she takes part in the Congress held by the Italian Society for palliative healing in order to extend her knowledge in the field of terminal illnesses and death.

In the spring of 2004 she completes a course in taking care of the terminally ill till death, and begins taking care of terminally ill patients on a voluntary basis.

Since 1999, she lectures on Peace Education and Non-Formal Education.


Making Peace with Death

For people afflicted by grave or terminal illnesses, words unsaid, hidden truths, doubts and fears have strong negative side effects, while the side effects of sincerity, of open talk and of a valid spirituality are positive – not only for the mind, but also for the body of the patient.