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Transformation of all violent media to peaceful media


Since commencement of the third millennium, natural catastrophe, man-made tragedies, wars and clashes continue to happen. The escalating destruction is becoming imminent that the whole world
seems to turn upside down. Lama Gangchen clearly realizes that human beings are living in an era when only miracles can rescue the world from the critical stage. We learn from Lama Gangchen that “We are living in Kaliyuga, the age of the Fifth Degeneration” period. When the harmonious inner and outer world is unpeaceful, the elements of the container and contents — the world and its beings, are greatly unbalanced and polluted.” There is an underlying reverse force corrupting the world pushing life to pernicious death. In the midst of this turmoil, many media even aggravate the predicament. The trend is unfortunately dominated by violence, pornography and lower classes of entertainment. Instead of rectifying the deficient situation, these media further paralyzed people’s mind. The advancement of
modern technology and electronic media practically penetrate into everyday living as an indispensable part of our lives. If the media is not revolutionized, it is difficult to imagine the negative impact on our
next generation. Human civilization and survival are destined to confront the severe challenge.

Lama Gangchen places high priority in promoting the media by playing a peaceful and constructive role. He urges the “transformation of all violent media to peaceful media”. This includes establishment of :

Peace Culture
Peace Television
Peace Radio
Peace Newspapers
Peace Magazines
Peace Films
Peace Internet
Peace Entertainment
Peace Music
Peace Clubs
Peace Songs
Peace Dancing
Peace Fashion
Peace Art


Peace with Everything
Everything with Peace
(T.Y.S. Lama Gangchen)