Dr. Charo Carrillo - Spain

Doctor in medicine - specialist in natural medicine - homeopathy and acupunture.

Trained in ayurvedic medicine and in tibetan medicine.

Teaches tibetan medicine since 2000 in doctorate medical courses.

President of the Lama Gangchen World Peace Foundation - Spain


“Positive Side Effects in Tibetan Medicine”

Tibetan medicine is the medicine with positive side effects.

The bases of Tibetan Medicines are universal. They are based in the “Theory of the five elements” and in the “Theory of three Energies”.

The five elements are present in every living been and in everything created. From the medical point of view it is necessary to observe them in the following aspects of the human being, both healthy and sick : Embryology; Anatomy; Physiology; Pathology and Treatment, and this at the physical, mental and subtle levels.

To connect the knowledge of Tibetan Medicine with Western Medicine, through scientific research, is a good means to spread positive side effects towards relieving human suffering.