Antonio Monzino Jr. - Italy

Antonio Monzino jr., aged 67, is a key figure in the musical instruments’ industry and publishing, both in Italy and internationally. He heads numerous companies and associations, such as:

  • Monzino S.p.A. – (President of Board of Administration)

  • Mogar S.p.A. – (President of Board of Administration)

  • Carisch Srl – President of Board of Administration)

  • Gewa Med Srl – President of Board of Administration)

  • Dismamusica – Association member of Confcommercio - (Founding Member & President)

  • Accademia Pianistica Internazionale di Imola “Incontri col Maestro” - (Founding Member & President from 2001 to 2005)

  • Fondazione del Teatro alla Scala - (Founding Member)

  • De Musica Fondazione Antonio Monzino – (Founding Member & President)

  • De Musica – Associazione Onlus – (Founding Member and Counselor)

“Dimension for growth”

The De Musica Associazione Onlus was founded in 1999 by a family that works in the field of music since 255 years – by doing various things: producing, editing, distributing music and promoting culture. Our wish to promote music is motivated by the positive values music embodies and teaches:

  • In the field of education, music is an absolutely necessary formative and cultural element. It promotes group work, helps in building up confidence and hereby improves the capacity to learn by helping people to open up to a cognitive process.

  • In the social field, music is an antidote to many problems, because it promotes positive civic value necessary for living together peacefully. By practicing music one gets a proper sense for the relationship between self and others: the young people learn to listen to the others and to respect rules. It is an effective antidote to problems such as dropping out of school, the habit of bullying others and juvenile violence.

  • Scientific research corroborated the fact that the practice of music creates permanent neurological connections and activates the cerebral functions related to logic, order and abstract thinking – that is, functions that are of a central importance for creativity and innovation.

The De Musica Association works internationally in Venezuela, Nicaragua and Ramallah. Music schools that were established in these places help people from different backgrounds but who are similar in their being humans to come together, to respect each other, to talk with each other and to try to find positive answers to prejudice. Hereby, we hope that we can help in giving a new sense of hope to people to improve their social situation.

We fully recognize our aims and aspirations in the following African proverb:

...”If you teach a young person, you help in building a wise man.
If you teach a child, you help in building a nation…”