Dr. Antonella Di Leo - Italy


Born in Milan in 1961. Economist. Graduated in Economy and Commerce, with a Masters in business communication.

Following a few years lecturing marketing and communication at the Catholic University of Milan, she works for important multinationals and publicity agencies, taking care of and developing marketing, communication, promotion and P.R. projects for them.

For over ten years she is involved in the mass media sector. She deals with newspapers, magazines and television. She worked for Fininvest, Mediaset, Mondadori.

She is the marketing and communications Director of the Paolo Berlusconi Group as well as the administrative Counselor of the publicity concessionary.

For the last four years she has developed numerous editorial initiatives for “IL Giornale” daily newspaper, as well as some magazine headings (Golfstyle, Lifestyle and Homestyle), creating and publishing series of books on history, art, theatre, thematic encyclopedias, gardening, cuisine, which are sold together with the newspaper.

She studies and conceives special inserts, magazine, cd, cd rom, vhs and dvd together with publicity campaigns to launch these products/initiatives.

She has been close to Lama Gangchen for some ten years and together with husband Marco supports numerous projects of the Lama Gangchen World Peace Foundation.