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Dr. Diego Vellam - Italy

After graduating in Molecular Physics at the Università degli Studi di Trieste, he did a specialisation at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics of Miramare, under the tutorship of the Nobel Prize Winner Prof. Abdus Salam. He also obtained the diploma of Professional Kinesiologist, Educator in Kinesiology and Advanced Teacher in Kinesiology recognised by the International Kinesiology College of Zürich, Swizerland, by the Advanced Kinesiology Centre of Melbourne, Australia, by the International College of Professional Kinesiology Practice of St. Heliers, New Zealand, by the Loving Life Institute in Reno-Sparks, Nevada, and by the Institute of Cyberkinetics in Selsdon, England. Finally, he obtained the Ph.D. degree in Medical Kinesiology at the Universitas Sedes Sapientes in New York, with specialisation classes at the Italian Universities in Turin, Genoa, Rom and Palermo.

Diploma as Expert in Naturopathy with the special branch of Kinesiology recognised by the Unione Italiana Naturopati (U.N.A.); Diploma as Craniosacral Therapist at the Craniosacral Therapy Association of North America. Diploma in Applied Physiology obtained at the International Institute of Applied Physiology in Tucson, Arizona. Advanced Therapist Diploma in Neural Organization Technique (N.O.T.), recognized by the Ferreri Institute in New York. Advanced Therapist Diploma in Neurostructural Integration Technique (N.S.T.) recognized by the International Institute of Applied Health Services in Melbourne, Australia.

In charge of the Board on Kinesiology at the Federazione Italiana di Medicine e Terapie Integrate (F.I.M.T.I.). Responsible for the kinesiological and naturopathic therapies at the Centro Studi e Ricerca Medica METIS. Person in charge of the Forum Kinesiologia at SOLARIS, a Network for Holistic Therapies and Well-Being. In charge of the Rubric on Kinesiology at LIFEGATE, il Portale della Salute Naturale. In charge of Kinesiology Cyberkinetics for Italy, Spain and Italian-speaking Switzerland. Founder and Chairman of the Accademia di Kinesiologia info:


Communion or Separation? The Therapeutic Implications of the Relationship Individual / Environment in the Light of the Scientific Evidences Supplied by Quantum Physics.

One of the typical characteristics of the neurologically developed beings seems to be the perception of their own identity: the ability to perceive himself in his own individuality, separated from all the rest.

Such a characteristic has been well known for years also through various studies of Ethology, that shows how animals rather evolved like fish, result unable to recognize themselves when reflected in a mirror.

To such a recognition of self and of his own boundaries, specific mechanisms of survival result associated, of great importance in a person. The 'safety zone' and the 'danger zone' in relationship to himself are constantly pondered over the personal perception of his own individuality.

A personal program of environmental management not perfectly efficient can significantly reduce the extension of the 'safety zone', until it coincides with the physical border of his own body, and sometime even less. This can make the person feel like in a sort of constant 'siege', with direct consequences on the reactions of his survival system, that hence causes a deterioration in his environmental management ability further exacerbating the initial condition.

It is known since a long time that one of the most important functional systems for the human being is constituted by the Immune System. The purpose of the latter is that of managing, up to the cellular level, the difference between what constitutes 'self' and what constitutes 'not self.' In every moment of our life it constantly monitors the enormous number of components that constitutes us, establishing a discriminating line and carrying out the necessary protections from what is identified as 'not self.'

The actions that make reference to the Immune System are exceptionally subtle and complex. For instance when the digestive process is considered, much reference is often made to processes that are relatively well known, like the transformation of carbohydrates or of lipids, forgetting that a role much more important in the digestive process is played by the transformation of the 'not self' into 'self'. This means that the DNA contained in the chicken eaten at lunch results different from the DNA of the person that has eaten it, but through his process of digestion those constituents are turned into cells that share all with the person the same DNA and the information within it: a process so extraordinarily complex and delicate that is performed by the body in such a natural way that it results absolutely imperceptible.

If the Immune System therefore manages the relationship between 'self' and 'not self' (the two fundamental environments of reference), it results interesting to notice that the number of autoimmune diseases, that originate from dysfunctions in the personal program of environmental management, has been increasing drastically in the last few years. In a milder but more extensive way, this manifests also in the increased number of people that suffer from allergies and intolerances. It happens more and more often to find in the media worried forecasts about the different types of pollen that (according to the season) are spread by the plants over the population, with negative consequences for millions of people that are allergic to them. It seems a bulletin of war, and we are speaking instead of plants, present in the environment for many thousand years without causing because of that such negative consequences on the beings nearby.

Therefore judging from evidence the number of individuals that have problems with their own personal program of environmental management has been steadily increasing in the last years. As mentioned above, this exacerbates as a consequence the reactions put into effect by their survival system.

The psychological and emotional aspects do not remain immune from this. The current social and professional demands often force individuals to keep contact with other people that invade their own 'safety zone', and this is often maintained and repeated on a daily basis, activating the reactions of the survival system of the person, further exacerbating any limit that may be present in his personal program of environmental management.

All these considerations could bring us to think that the solution consists in sheltering more and more well inside the 'safety zone', cuddling our own individuality, separated from the dangerous external world.

And this, in many ways, is what can be recognized with more and more evidence in the different diseases treated in clinics.

Yet it has been known for a century to contemporary science that this does not have any actual correspondence with the physical reality. In fact one of the most remarkable consequences brought to our understanding of reality by Quantum Mechanics (a branch of Physics) is that it results impossible to separate the observer from what is observed.

Such a statement may perhaps appear of little relevance, but for more than thirty years the best minds in Physics have valiantly fought before finally accepting that true reality comprises such different characteristics from the usual expectations. In particular, it results completely impossible to separate, even if purely conceptually, a system from another with which it interacts. The environment and the individual, from the point of view of the physical reality that the contemporary science has now identified, are only one thing, in that they are interacting.

The scientific contributions of Quantum Mechanics, after one century from its introduction, still shake the pillars of our usual conception of reality, and they repeat to us that everything is one: the biologist and the microbe observed through the microscope, the individual and his fellows, the same Earth and all that lives in it.

Only few experts have familiarity with the wave equations of Schroedinger that describe in mathematical terms such aspects of reality, yet for millennia various religions and philosophies, not only of oriental origin, have been offering an analogous vision of the world as non-separate, but rather in a constant process of dynamic sharing.

If this corresponds to the true reality, as also contemporary science points out to us, why so often the personal program of environmental management seems to use other references? Because of limitations, damages, stress.

If separation, accentuated in these years at both individual and social level, proves to be an indication of discomfort and unbalance, communion, advocated by so many philosophies and religions and pointed out by the same western science, proves to be instead an indication of comfort and balance, to both individual and social level.

These are opposing aspects that typically manifest in a continuous dynamics within the person, showing without in his attitudes, his choices, and his level of comfort.

To reduce our 'safety zone' (to any physical, mental, emotional, or any other kind of level) automatically means to reduce our opportunities, our abilities, the possible solutions that constantly come to us and to which we have access.

As in a Zen paradox, then true safety doesn't derive from closing, but on the contrary from opening, freeing the person and allowing him to access the opportunities constantly offered at the various levels.

It belongs to the experience of many therapists, and also to mine, that to facilitate in the person a condition of this type leads to the resolution of his disease (of the most different kinds) even without specifically addressing it. The access to information of better quality, and the increased ability at opening during their elaboration, in fact automatically allows the body system to work better and to resolve from the inside the limitations previously present, therefore making their presence a nonsense.

The personal disease, often dealt to the level of separation by the person, and resolved through a better communion with it and its implications, currently appears even a smaller problem when compared to the discomfort of a macro system like the world environment, that science teaches us to be one and the same with us, but that most of us observe with personal programs of environmental management seriously impaired by the stress of our current lifestyle.

Paraphrasing the well known Laws of Cure of Dr. Hering, cornerstones of Applied Homeopathy ("the changes take place from the head down - the changes take place from the inside to the outside - the symptoms show in inverted order during the healing process"), it is then possible to wish that through the 'thinking head' formed by a sufficient number of individuals a change may take place, that constitutes first of all an internal change (in our vision of the world) rather than an external change, and that the confusion and the discordance that sometimes appear with particular evidence in the world be nothing else but the proof of a backwards process of reorganization that shows its worse symptoms while manifesting their resolution.

Dr. Diego Vellam
Academy of Kinesiology - Italy