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Jacqueline Ripstein - Mexico

Internationally celebrated Master Artist, Jacqueline Ripstein, has for 30 years been delivering powerful creativity and inspirational fine art masterpieces to the world. Ms. Ripstein has been featured at over 350 art shows globally, gaining her the distinction of being called “The Artist of the New Millennium” and the “Metaphysical Dali.” Ms. Ripstein was born in Mexico City, Mexico. By the age of 12, she had won an award at the prestigious Eagle Prismacolor national contest in Mexico. By the age of 19, she was producing nationally recognized masterpieces that already displayed her tendency for inspirational and soul-searching surrealist images. As her work evolved, international art critics from Spain, Belgium, Mexico, the U.S., and France, compared Ms. Ripstein’s work to some of art history’s most important masters such as Michaelangelo, Dali and Hieronimus van Akeken (known as “El Bosco”). Her award-winning masterpieces can be found in select private and corporate collections throughout the world, including Margaret Thatcher’s personal private collection and the Presidential Collection in her native Mexico.

As a result of her research and obsession for her medium, Jacqueline Ripstein has been rewarded by inspiring thousands of people through her art, with 350 international shows, books, special events and seminars. Her obsession to discover a New Technique in Art took her to patent the first Art in Motion, adding movement to Art. Later in 1982, she applied for her first patent of the unique Invisible Art & Light Technique © a legacy to humanity, that brings art to a new dimension as Mozart did with music. Mozart’s music inspires us, nourishes us, heals the stress and heals us without us even realizing it .The Invisible technique has been scientifically proven by tests done by Dr. Vaughn Cook, of how it raises our frequencies and creates healing effects in our bodies as Tomatis proved the effects of Mozart’s music.

Jacqueline’s proposal to the world: “Art contains the power to penetrate into the very depths of the soul; it opens a space for Peace.” Its high frequencies are Invisible codes of communication between our souls and the truth of the Universe; they help us to reconnect to the eternal being within us. “Art is a Portal for humanity; in the 21st century it will inspire and awaken us: “Art is a silent language that is the essence, it unites the world into an Oneness with Infinity,”. Art is an instrument that helps us inspire and raise our own vibrations“. The universe is composed of a perfect harmony of many colors and sounds interacting and vibrating together, by tuning into this colors and sounds Man can live in his higher octaves. “ART PERMITS MAN TO BE THE REFLECTION OF GOD”IT IS A POWERFUL TOOL TO CREATE PEACE FOR THE WORLD.

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