Peace Environment for your health
Inter-dependence between inner and outer environments
How to make our life more stable both physically, mentally and spiritually




Maria Cristina Quintili De Ruiter - Italy

Born in Macerata (Italy), she moved to Holland in 1998. Back in Italy since 1999, lives in Premeno (Province of Verbania). Ms. Quintili has been an elementary school teacher for over twenty years; her work also includes teaching adults, senior citizens, students with specific educational needs and foreign students.
She participated in many didactical-educational projects, among which are:

• EU Socrates-Comenius project, didactic circles of Macerata and Verbania (Italy);
• an expression-linguistic project on literary geners for children’s literature (comics, fairy tales, legends, stories and novels);
• the ‘Libriamoci’ project, generating ideas for and building a book for children, within the ‘La Scuola Adotta un Monumento’ (The School Adopts a Monument) project for the conservation of Italian artistic and cultural patrimony – both projects done for the Macerata school district authority.

Ms. Quintili writes poetry and has also written ‘Un Dono da Scoprire’ (A Gift to Discover) a short story about inter-religious matters for young children. She attended many professional updating courses and formation courses for teachers offered by the several Italian and foreign educational institutions – mainly concerning the teaching and learning of foreign languages. Furthermore, she is dedicated to inter-cultural and diversity education, religious and spiritual education, peace education and non-formal education. She is also interested in art, philosophy and Oriental religions and cultures and takes part in various initiatives for the actualization of the “Spiritual Forum” and about integration of traditional and alternative medicines.

Recently she has been working in three educational-didactical projects: “A peaceful future” in 2003, “Searching for peace” in 2004, “Peace in the Outer and Inner Environment” this year, all inspired by Lama Gangchen’s principles for better living, in order to create a Peace Culture, which may bring hope to future generations, and by his teachings about non violent medicine and inner peace, which is the most solid foundation for world peace.


Premeno School   3rd class



3° School year



Peace Education through active integration with one’s own environment; Environment Education for better Health; Education to Diversity and World Education; Italian Language; English Language, English as Vehicular Language; Multilingualism elements; Religion.


Premeno, Unchio, Vignone - Verbania Province


Become more aware of the inner and outer environment, from close and from far

Discovering how each of our actions produces an effect in our inner and outer environment, become gradually conscious that it exists a close interdependent relation between our wellbeing and the environmental balance

Become conscious agents for new solutions to our individual and collective problems

Learn how to preserve and to protect the environment, becoming his guardians watching over it to prevent wastes in the micro and macro economies.


Participate to local and international initiatives in favor of childhood (c/o Local Minister for Education and Culture of Verbania; Psychopedagogic Centre for Peace of Piacenza; UNICEF; UN; etc.)

Learning new subject, or somehow known, in a foreign language (environment, social problems, etc.)

Solve conflicts with non-violent means (problem- solving)

Use different means of non-violent communication, instruction and diversion

Learn how to accept with inner peace the different and far from us

Learn to choose to avoid negative emotions, thoughts and behaviors in favor of more constructive and peaceful modalities to relate ourselves to others.


Vignone School  1st class


PEACE FLAGS “ Ribbon Competition“

III World Congress Verbania 2005




1st flag: apple tree, chestnut, walnut
2nd flag: pine, fir, larch
3rd flag: olive tree, poplar, coconut
4th flag: rubber tree, cypress, banana tree
5th flag: wine tree, pear tree, pagoda tree
6th flag: bamboo, sequoia, butter tree, bread tree, olive tree.

1st flag:

APPLE TREE: "Hello, my fruits are diffused in all Europe, Asia and America and with them exquisite jams they are prepared”

CHESTNUT: “My fruits are ‘The poor mountain people bread’”

WALNUT: “My nuts are delicious with bread”

2nd flag:

PINE: “We evergreens are useful too!”

FIR: “My trunk gives the wood for furniture exported worldwide”

LARCH: “My name is Larch: in autumn our needles fall and the roots prevent landslides and protect the villages”

3rd flag:

OLIVE: “Peace, peace, brothers! Recognize that you all are useful and make peace!”

POPLAR: “Myself are feeling useful too, even if I don’t give fruits: paper is my fruit. But, who are you stranger?”

COCONUT: “I represent life for tropical countries travelers. I produce milk, oil and textile fibers”

4th flag:

RUBBER TREE: “I will grow 30 meters high and from me you can get a liquid that can turns into rubber or India rubber”

CYPRESS: “Not anyone loves me, but my role to keep watching over the dead people is noble”

BANANA TREE: “Everybody knows my fruits but few know the usefulness of my leaves from which people obtain mats, beds, fences…”

5th flag:

WINE TREE: “I grow in Centre America and the indigenous people get from my bark a ‘wine’ slightly alcoholic and sparkling”

PEAR TREE: "You are wonderful, also my fruits with cheese are delicious! But, who’s the other unknown one beside us?”

PAGODA TREE: “I grow in India where it’s believed that Visnu was born under the branches of one of my ancestors. My branches descending become roots and trunks: I give refuge to animals and humans. And who are you?”

6th flag:

BAMBOO: "I’m not a complete tree, but I’m good for every use and I’m a symbol of flexibility and tenaciousness. Who are you giant? I’ve never see you before here around!”

SEQUOIA: “I come from California and I live for centuries, a branch of mine is more then 20 meters high with a diameter of 2, 5 m., but to see my flowers I will wait for about two centuries. My wood is so resistant that lasts eternally”.

BUTTER TREE: “Beside our specific usefulness, brothers, the most important mission for us it is to remind to humans how to come back to live in harmony with the environment: without a correct relation with what surround mankind, it will not anymore be able to survive for long on the planet!”

BREAD TREE: “Our second commitment should be to remember to human beings that, as well as we trace an invisible bridge between earth and sky, and we are able to communicate among us, so they also can come back to remember that they are a small part of the whole and that from their own side they can communicate too, without words, with their similar”.

OLIVE TREE: "If they should want to connect their minds and establish common aims, much better than us they could communicate with all what surrounds them. If they could have the humility to listen to their hearts, they could find the strength of love and compassion, harmony, comfort and peace that they always hopeless research elsewhere. If they could remember that all what they think, say and do affect the whole, they should immediately stop to destroy and separate and they will start to construct and unite together, as we naturally do”.


Premeno School 1st and 2nd class


American Native Indian

“Oh Great Spirit who dwells in the sky,
Lead us to the path of peace and understanding
Let us live together as brothers and sisters”


Special thanks, recognition and apreciation for cooperation:
Di Salvo Stefania, Di Ventura Elviana, Marchionini Roberta, Pelfini Maria Rita, Guglielmi Donatella