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Florence Roulleau - France

Born in February 1969, near Paris – France.

Welfare worker since 12 years. First, I worked during 4 years in an educational establishment, and for the past 8 years I have been a general-purpose welfare worker, I met people having difficulties and I tried to help them in their steps. I also have a mission of child protection with children who received bad treatments.

I am interested also by ecology. During two years, I have animated a radio program once a week treating different ecological subjects. Through this program, I met many guests specialized in all fields (energies fields, Greenpeace, league of birds protection etc…).

How to combine, on a day to day basis, comfort of
life and environmental protection?


If all the inhabitants of our planet adopted the model of consumption of the rich countries, the natural resources would become exhausted very quickly and our environment would be degraded even more quickly.

The aim of this stand is to present to the general public other ways of heating our houses, of consuming water, consuming and producing electricity, and finding accommodation. We chose this equipment for their high environmental quality. Through their use, we want to minimize the impact of our consumption on the environment without sacrificing a certain comfort of life brought by modernity. But, we have to be lucid, we will not preserve our environment without making an effort to change, in our daily life, our habits of consuming (because today, these habits are destroying our environment) but also without installing in our housing new technologies. This equipment remains still expensive and more expensive than the traditional techniques because their use remains still the exception and the lack of will of the political authorities to diffuse them doesn’t help to decrease their prices.

In this stand, we show you several examples of equipment. There are many of them including: collection of rain water, ecological materials (construction in straw, brick… insulation in hemp, cork, wadding of cellulose…, paints without toxic products etc…).

As social workers, we are not experts in ecological housding but quite simply citizens who seek to improve and to pacify our connection with our environment. Our research was guided by this concern. These technologies are perfectible and it is very important to evaluate the advantages and the disadvantages of such technologies as well in term of environmental impact as their cost, without prejudices. This research has to be continued with pragmatism and good sense, guided by the conviction that it is necessary to preserve nature for its beauty but also because it comes to take place in the close of the man.

In this stand, we will develop, for each equipment, 5 distinct headings:

1) Description of the equipments
2) Their installation and their use
3) Their ecological value
4) Their cost and their profitability
5) Their maintenance


A) The heating of the house

1) An example of a firewood heating: The granulated stove
2) How to heat a house with air coming from outside? The Canadian air shaft

B) The water

1) How to heat the water of the house with solar panels?
2) The dry toilets, working without water
3) The recycling and the waste water treatment
4) How to reduce water consumption?

C) The electricity

1) How to produce electricity with photovoltaic panels?
2) How to reduce electricity consumption?

D) An exemple of an ecological housing:

The "DÔM" realised and conceived by Emmanuel ROGER (France)

* You build it yourself
* Inexpensive
* With biological materials
* Healthy to live in