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Dana Iujoki - Australia

Dana Iujoki is a writer, speaker, teacher, producer/presenter of ‘TruthSeeker’ media projects, and energy reader/healing facilitator.
Dana’s intention and focus in all her work is to be of service as humanity opens up to deeper levels of life, truth and self, and to assist people as they awaken and remember more of who they really are. For the past ten years, in between other paths and projects, she has worked as an energy reader/channel/healing facilitator, with clients in Australia, the U.S, Canada and the U.K.

Dana was the co-creator of specialty journal label Wakimbo, promoting journalling as a powerful tool for personal growth. has since expanded to become an online sanctuary of inspiration and guidance, offering tools and support to all those on the journey of uncovering their true essence.
In 2003 Dana created the Walking the Rainbow Path course, a journey to guide people toward their own wholeness. She also began to produce and host her weekly Radio Show 'TruthSeeker', part of her vision for A New Media for a New Humanity, focusing on personal and planetary change, and more of the truth. After 18 months of production Dana ended the show to go to London, and is now in the process of re-creating the show in a visual media format. She also writes higher consciousness based articles and writings and is working on her first book.

Over the years Dana has received numerous qualifications and training in the areas of holistic therapies, sales, marketing & business, and media production, however she counts her greatest teachers as being life’s experiences, travels and relationships on Earth, her own higher self and her guides and elders on the spiritual planes. Dana is completing a Communications (Social Inquiry) Degree at the University of Technology Sydney, and is currently studying Media and Television Production on exchange at the University of Westminster London. She has a Higher Diploma of Advanced Freelance Journalism and is accredited with the Australian News Syndicate as a Freelance Journalist.

Title: Creating our New Reality

Abstract/Synopsis: It is time to create a new reality, one where harmony, unity, peace, love and truth form the foundation stones of a new world. How do we do this? This speech talks about the importance of merging our knowing with our doing, creating change through conscious action. It particularly focuses on the role of the media, especially the power of the independent media, as a tool we can use to inspire, inform and empower people, and foster the expansion of inner and outer peace.