Peace Environment for your health
Inter-dependence between inner and outer environments
How to make our life more stable both physically, mentally and spiritually




Anne A. Vogt - Switzerland

Is an artist for peace and art teacher in the high school of CH-Glarus.

She has been running an Inner Peace Center of LGWPF in Freudwil, Switzerland, for the past seven years.

She paints Universal Icons and performs Gift-Pin-Peace-Flag and
Peace-Flag Performances and Workshops for inner peace and world peace.

She holds exhibitions and art events in Switzerland, Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Finland, England, NY-USA, Indonesia, New Zealand, Guatemala, Brazil and Tibet/China. In 2003 she took part in the international UNESCO recognised Freedom-exhibition of the Swiss Alp Art which displays paintings by artists from all continents, starting in Cyprus in March 2003.


Peace Education through cosmologic oriented Art-Didactics

I would like to demonstrate through sample lessons, applying cosmologic oriented art didactics, how to stimulate perception,
self-esteem and work toward peace education, based on the artistic cosmologic message of the Borobudur Mandala:
We are part of our environment.


Peace Education based on the Artistic Cosmology of the Mandala of Borobudur

The widest gap between a person and the enviornment is caused by the person’s feeling of separateness from the surrounding world. Thus, people are not aware that if they destroy their environment they are also destroying themselves. Lama Gangchen introduced me to the cosmology system of the mandala of Borobudur, the largest Buddhist stupa restored by Unesco from 1973 to 1981 on the island of Java, Indonesia.

An outside structure - in this case the Borobudur mandala - is a reflection of the positive potential of our mental process and our inseparable involvement within the universe.

Because the message of the mandala of Borobudur is non verbally transmitted by a universal artistic language, it has been possible for me, an artist and art teacher, to receive this mesage and apply it to my classroom work.

It is of utmost important that we understand the inner and outer cosmologic evolution processes.

General understanding of the mandala of Borobudur:
1 – Opening our blockages
The basic structure of the mandala consists of us experiencing the possibility of connecting with our constructive potential.
2 – Non linear thinking structures
Through the development of inner and outer space visualizations and architectural models, we can learn to structure our evolutive potential
3 – Positive solutions to our problems.
Through artistic work and creativity we learn to overcome our anger, miserliness, attachment, fear and ignorance, learning also to become more stable, generous, satisfied, courageous and aware.
.4 – Level of self-appreciation
Through the development of self-appreciation of our constructive qualities, we are involved in our own cosmologic evolution process.
5 – Focusing on our creative potential as part of the universe
We thus work on our inner peace by which we learn to see ourselves as a responsible and constructive part of the world.

I would now like to show you a very beautiful example of personal art work by two of my art students of the Glarus High School, Switzerland.

They will present a beautifully illustrated story about a young native who lives in the rain forest.. A young girl dreams of her grandmother who she never knew but nevertheless is her spiritual guide. At the same time, there are people who want to destroy the rain forest and convince the inhabitants of her village, by force, that they will improve materially from the destruction of the environment. The story tells of the young native girl’s development and inner heart dialogue with her spiritual guide, her grandmother, during this process. The beauty of the story is accentuated by the fact that the authors are of the same age as the heroine.


Through this creative work that talks of a present world situation these students have come in contact with their own preciousness and their compassion. It is a heart felt message that directly touches other young people’s hearts. A message that unblocks emotions and makes us feel that we are truly able to work for positive issues and actually find solutions for this world.