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Lama Gangchen World Peace Media

An Initial Step of Lama Gangchen World Peace Media

Explosion flames rumble; catastrophes shake the world

Standards of morality deteriorate; means of living deviate

Driven by the powerful wheel of economic development, modern mankind is marching into an unprecedented fierce competition in history. On one hand, the material and technological advancement certainly brings living gratification. On the other hand, however, the space of life and humanity is gradually and unnoticeably consumed by the consequential side effects.

The ecological environment of our planet earth is severely damaged. The light of spiritual human civilization dims day by day. The world is submerged with staggering (sweeping) disorders. Popular media is filled with rampant violent and sexual contents distorting our perception with hallucination and confusion. The current chaotic situation keeps worsening like fuel added to fire.

Amid the difficult challenge, Lama Gangchen adheres to his conviction and promotion of world peace. He reiterates that the means to transform violent culture is through peace culture. Peace Media essentially constitutes an integral core in the transformation of violent media to peaceful media.

Since last year, Lama Gangchen World Peace Media is actively engaged in the establishing the foundation for development. Under the guidance of Lama Gangchen, our organization has reached a collaborative agreement with China’s Guangcai Enterprise Promotion Committee to work on producing peaceful media. We are planning to utilize SWENCO Electronics Co., located in Shenzhen, China as a platform of the media’s production center.

Through the kind introduction of Lama Gangchen, we met Mr Freddy Ehlers, America a popular TV anchor of La Television in Equador and Vice President of Andean Parliament in South America. Mr Ehlers is instrumental in linking our organization with media in South America for various exchanges. Moreover, we have been engaged by Amazonia Brazil Expositon to conduct cultural exhibit in China.
The primary mission of Lama Gangchen World Peace Media is to engage in the establishment of Peace Culture Museum which is located in the headquarters of Lama Gangchen World Peace Foundation in Albagnano, Italy. The brilliant key concept of building “Wisdom Planet” at Peace Culture Museum is originally created by Lama Gangchen to make documentary by utilizing modern advanced technology, covering the events and persons with remarkable contributions to world peace and to broadcast through various interactive media around the world. Our main task is to set up an integrated system incorporating hardware and software to produce the diverse programs.

Another ongoing task of Lama Gangchen World Peace Media is the release of series of DVD featuring the life and activities of Lama Gangchen, especially his edification around the world, his vision and his endeavours in promoting world peace.

Furthermore, our organization aims to consolidate various Lama Gangchen media resources around the world. We would appeal to those who share the vision of world peace and the interest in media to work together as a new force in Lama Gangchen World Peace Media.